How much do you know about the products you are putting on your face?

Everyone knows that a good diet, plenty of rest, regular exercise, plenty of water, not smoking, moderate alcohol and good skin protection all are key to having great-looking skin, BUT what about the products you are putting on your face? Are they undoing all that good work? One glance at the ingredient listing on your average skincare product will often reveal what is causing a skin allergy or an adverse effect on the skin. Harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients can not only leave your skin dry and tight but have also been aknowledged to cause a manifestation of skin problems. … Continue reading

Eat winter ingredients for glowing skin

Using the right skin care and treatments is one way of ensuring vibrant ,hydrated skin during winter but the story doesn’t end there. A well stocked pantry can have as powerful effect on the appearance of your skin as a well stocked beauty cabinet. Skin is a reflection of your inner health. What we eat shows on our skin! For your skin to stay supple,radiant and protected it needs to receive certain nutrients from the food you eat. Here is a short list of ingredients that will prolong the beauty of your skin – from within. Fruit: Blueberries – powerful … Continue reading

The foundation for beautiful skin…

Are you suffering from sun damage and age spots? Looking for a make- up that gives you full coverage,easy to apply, fast and effective? A make-up that allows you to feel natural and look flawless at the same time? Glow Time mineral BB Cream by jane iredale is a multi-tasking dynamo that combines foundation, concealer, sunscreen and moisturizer in a versatile one-step product. Glow Time mineral BB Cream is the make- up to wear for full coverage as it smooths, brightens and helps to disguise wrinkles while protecting the skin with SPF 25. It is water resistant up to 40 … Continue reading

Which Vitamins …

Many vitamins benefit the skin, but some are more important than others. Vitamin A ( found in eggs, dairy, carrots and spinach ) to avoid dry, rough and scaly skin Vitamin C ( found in citrus and other bright coloured fruit and vegies ) helps to keep the skin supple and to heal wounds. Vitamin E ( found in oil-rich foods ) helps to prevent ageing skin by neutrilising free radicals and re-hydrating Beta-carotene ( found in highly coloured vegies and fruits ) helps protect against the ravages of sunshine and may slow down early signs of ageing. Vitamin F … Continue reading

Keep warm and healthy this winter…

During these cool months we all love the taste of a big bowl of creamy leek and potato soup…however this recipe puts a healthier spin on tradition, still creating an incredibly textured and ‘moreish’ dinner. Instead of using potato, I have opted to use cauliflower which is rich in Vitamins and Minerals and has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, and which naturally, when cooked and blended it goes creamy. The other star ingredient is coconut milk which contains several antioxidant compounds which help to protect body cells and tissues from free radicals. Coconut milk provides additional flavor, creaminess and good fats. … Continue reading

Healthy and hearty Eating for Winter

Eating fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables is the best way to provide your body with essential nutrients to keep you and your skin healthy. By eating seasonal produce you’re ensuring your body to absorb the best vitamins, minerals and proteins that the food has to offer. If we are careful in choosing and planning what we eat and drink, we can improve our internal health which is reflected then in a healthy skin and appearance. The skin is a reflection of our internal health. For this winter enjoy the robust tomato flavors and the best of the winter produce in … Continue reading

Are you suffering from Rosacea?

Rosacea is a skin condition that mainly affects the face. In appearance the skin looks red on the central face across the cheeks, nose and forehead, but can also commonly affect the neck, chest,ears and scalp. People suffering from this condition may experience spots and persistent redness of their skin. Quite commonly, this leads to hot, burning and often itchy sensations on the skin. When skin is suffering from this inflammotry condition, it is also suffering from an impaired acid mantle ( secretions of sweat and sebum that produce a fatty film on the surface of the skin). While the … Continue reading

Rejuvenation in a jar

We all wish for a star product that can tackle everything winter throws our way and none come closer than SYNCHRO by GERnetic International. Synchro is the perfect remedy for dehydration ,aging,wrinkles, couperose and rosacea, which can all rear their ugly heads during the chilly months. Synchro got its name from synchronization – the action of making two or several elements act together to intensify results. That is exactly how this cream works its magic. Composed of three biological compounds rich in the amino acids Glutamine,Arginine and Lysine, it provides energy to the cells to assist in the manufacture of collagen and elastin, … Continue reading

Winter is a time to reconsider how you cleanse your skin…

Too often, winter is considered as a time to choose a richer moisturizer, but it’s also a good time to reconsider how you cleanse your skin. Cleansing is the first and essential step to the well-being of the skin and helps you achieve optimum results from a skincare routine. The skin requires a cleanser that respects its delicate nature. Cleansing should not strip the skin of its natural hydrolipidic film, instead it should reinforce this natural protective barrier that keeps the skin soft, comfortable and never taut. Pollution and sebum excess clog your skin’s pores and tarnish your complexion. Even … Continue reading

Super Detox Food – Celery

Celery : THE DETOX DIET SUPER FOOD Celery has excellent cleansing properties that help to aid digestion, regulate body fluid by acting as a diuretic and curbing sweet cravings. Celery leaves are high in vitamin A, whilst the stems are an excellent source of vitamins B1,B2, B6 and C and packed with potassium, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, sodium and essential amino acids. Celery is great in soups, stews, stir – fries and salads. Raw celery sticks make great snacks for dips . Fill up short lengths sticks with low fat cottage cheese or peanut butter . A very … Continue reading