Your Skin and Microdermabrassion

As we approach the festive season we are all eyelashes deep in reading about what are the latest beauty trends – luckily, the one we’re bringing you today is an old favorite, tried and tested! What is Microdermabrasion? Microdermabrasion is an advanced skin treatment, often using crystals or a diamond tip, designed to exfoliate and remove old, dead skin from the surface, leaving behind the younger and smoother skin cells your body is naturally producing. This also helps promote and enhance healthy collagen production in the skin, which is what’s responsible for your skin elasticity and youthfulness. Why choose us for … Continue reading

Looking and feeling young and fresh

Spring is traditionally a time to celebrate youth. Everyone, regardless of their age wants to look and feel young and fresh. To combat the signs of aging, we would like to share the benefits of Nuclea from the GERnetic International range of products. Nuclea is a light texture repairing cream with exceptional regenerating properties. Containing nutritional elements that are critical for promoting cell division and growth, concurrent to restoring damaged or prematurely aged skin. It is the perfect addition to your Spring sprucing regime! With temperature warming and more skin showing we are more prone to the elements. The effects … Continue reading

The Correct Treatment for Your Skin Type

How do you find the correct treatment for your skin? The skin is a powerful organ of nonvocal communication. Due to its direct contact with the outside world it is constantly exposed to all manner of injuries and environmental forces. Therefore it is not surprising that considerable care is required to keep it in good condition. A LIVING breathing organ, skin is not just a useful protective covering for the rest of the body. It is a fantastically complex network of biological functions, and its health and condition are as important as that of any other human organ. Getting to … Continue reading

High Performance Skin Care Products

With time, the skin on your face becomes dehydrated, lacking suppleness and elasticity, while your complexion loses its radiance. As a result, it becomes vital to provide it with the active ingredients that it requires. Each of your skin’s specific needs must be paired with a corresponding and specially formulated high performance skin care product. La Peau Beauty Therapy only use the best skin care products that we are happy to guarantee. We strive to be the best, continually updating our education to bring you the newest in products and techniques. Related Tags: Facials Brisbane

Welcome to our new website

Welcome the new website for La Peau Beauty Therapy. We are thrilled with our new online home and hope you are too. We are looking forward to sharing articles about the latest treatments and beauty advice with you here on our new blog. Kind Regards, Connie Cassar