The Benefits of Exfoliating from Head to Toe

The Benefits of Exfoliating from Head to Toe   Here at La Peau, we offer two body exfoliation treatments that are highly effective for achieving silky smooth skin. Our Body Polish treatment utilises a blend of extracts of sea salts, vitamins and essential oils in order to boost circulation and detoxify your body.   Our Essential Back exfoliation is equally effective, focusing on cleansing the shoulders and back. This is particularly ideal for congested skin that may build up in those hard to reach areas. Both treatments work to remove impurities and ease tension within the skin.   Exfoliation is … Continue reading

Why Medik8’s Ultimate Recovery Intense is Essential this Winter

Ultimate Recovery Intense

Why Medik8’s Ultimate Recovery Intense is Essential this Winter   It’s no surprise that dehydrated skin is a widespread problem that seems to come hand in hand with the cold winter months. Lower temperatures and levels of humidity mean the barrier our skin relies on is more at risk of drying out, leading to compromised and uncomfortable skin.   This dryness is activated by a process called Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL), where colder temperatures rob your skin barrier of the moisture it so badly needs to maintain soft and supple skin. This process sounds intimidating but can actually be fought … Continue reading

Winter Dos and Don’ts

Winter Dos

Winter Dos and Don’ts Winter temperatures not only impact upon our warmth but also the radiance of our skin. Many typical habits from Summer can actually cause detriment to the health of your skin which is a big problem many aren’t aware of. We give you 3 Dos and Don’ts for your skin this Winter. DOS Use a humidifier The best investment for Winter is a humidifier, not only will it keep your throat and nose feeling more comfortable if you’re suffering from a cold but also aids in preventing your skin from drying out. Moisturise If you’re still experiencing … Continue reading