All Hail HIFU – The Non-Surgical Face Lift!


One of the most talked about Facelift treatments right now is the HIFU treatment. HIFU stands for High Intense Focused Ultrasound, and is the non-surgical, non-invasive answer to tighter and firmer skin…. What a dream right?   Many people undergo Facelift surgery from around the globe and are always looking for the latest trends to bring back a more youthful appearance. What was once a treatment of painful surgery and cutting, we’ve since found a way to look natural while fighting the signs of aging by using the body’s resources to stimulate new collagen.   HIFU can not only reverse … Continue reading

Fat Freezing: No Needles, No Downtime

Fat Freezing lapeau

Fat Freezing: No Needles, No Downtime   Cryolipolysis: The name is a tongue twister but oddly enough the concept behind this innovative treatment is rather simple. Fat freezing as the name suggests involves freezing your fat cells through a carefully controlled application which kills those stubborn pockets of fat hanging on your stomach, thighs or waist. Goodbye love handles, I did not love you.   So, you’re probably wondering how does this procedure work? Is there any pain involved? What happens to the fat cells after they’re frozen? Fat freezing utilises special vacuumed paddles which are applied to your body … Continue reading