Achieve Your Skin Goals With These 3 Tips!


Achieve Your Skin Goals With These 3 Tips!   Nurturing your skin to good health and achieving your skin goals doesn’t necessarily mean adding more products & treatments to your skin regime. There are a few simple lifestyle changes you can add to your daily routine that will have your skin glowing in no time!   Wear SPF Everyday   This one is a no brainer. You’ve heard this time and time before, but I cannot stress this enough, wear sunscreen every day! And I mean every day, even if it is windy, cloudy or cool! Sun damage is caused … Continue reading

Can LED Light Therapy Treat My Acne?


Can LED Light Therapy Treat My Acne?   Everyone wants clear, flawless skin and anything short of that can lower your self-esteem and create a lack of self-confidence, especially if you are struggling with a skin condition like acne. If you feel like you have tried every product, treatment and trend out there but you’re still at odds with clear skin, LED Light Therapy might be for you!   Firstly, what is LED Light Therapy? LED Light Therapy is a treatment that uses wavelengths of light which penetrate deep into your cells, red light LED stimulates cellular activity which produce … Continue reading