Men Need Facials Too!

Men Need Facials Too!   Here are at La Peau we understand skin, and are always happy to help both men and women and that’s why we offer some skin treatments specifically for men also. When it comes to your daily skincare routine, it seems to be that many men don’t really have one, or if they do it’s nothing that is effectively removing the bacteria from their skin. Just like women, men deal with issues like ageing, pigmentation, sensitivity, and acne, sometimes even more due to shaving and not cleansing the skin properly. This not only leads to poor … Continue reading

5 Tips for Ageless Eyes

5 Tips for Ageless Eyes   The eyes are the windows of our soul…and your age! If you want beautiful, healthy, vibrant eyes, there’s more to it than you might think. We all want to have younger looking eyes without surgery and injections, that’s why in this week’s blog we give you 5 non-surgical tips that will help slow down your ageing process and minimise wrinkles, bags, and loose skin. 1.Hydration is key Not only does H20 help with our dry skin and our body it also helps with your eyes. Drinking water can improve blood circulation, which is the … Continue reading

Must Have Skincare Products for Spring

Must Have Skincare Products for Spring   As it starts to get warmer our skin tends to change. Making sure our skin is protected in the sun is top priority but also making sure it’s hydrated and moisturised throughout the season. Looking after your skin is the real secret to a healthy-looking complexion and is important in the long run. Throughout this blog we will discuss tips and products to keep your skin radiant and glowing all throughout the season. Medik8 and GERnétic products are jam-packed full of ingredients that will keep your skin looking luminous and more hydrated all … Continue reading

How good skin starts from within.

How good skin starts from within.   Healthy skin is not only great for our self-esteem and confidence but also plays a major part in our health. If your skin is glowing from the outside, then you can be sure that your body is getting the right essential nutrients that it needs. If you are trying to clear up your skin or want healthier skin overall, then maybe consider what you are putting into your body before you start buying expensive skincare products. A healthy diet, rich in nutrients plays an important role in our general health and well-being. If … Continue reading

What should my diet consume of for healthy collagen production?

healthy collagen production

What should my diet consume of for healthy collagen production?   Collagen is the richest protein in our body and although we think of skin when we think of collagen, it is also an important component in our bones, muscles, tendon, ligaments, blood vessels and tissue. We can have a decrease in our collagen production at the early ages of 25, as the body will start to slowly lose its structural protein leaving our skin dry, loose and with fine lines. It eventually worsens due to diminished nutrient absorption and general ageing. Poor diet, stress, high blood sugar and excess … Continue reading

10 Ways to Minimise Breakouts!

10 Ways to Minimise Breakouts!   Acne and blemishes are something that many of us had to deal with when we were younger and sometimes it can continue throughout adulthood, unfortunately it can really affect our self-esteem and confidence. Say goodbye to breakouts, as we run you through some useful tips on how to manage blemish prone skin! 1.Wash your bed linen When sleeping a lot of our bacteria is transferred from our face to the sheets. If you’re not washing your sheets regularly, you could be passing bacteria back and forth for several days. Clogged pores and oils from … Continue reading

The Best Skincare Products from GERnétic for Winter!

Best Skincare Products from GERnétic for Winter

The Best Skincare Products from GERnétic for Winter!   GERnétic has an array of Winter skincare products that give you beautifully soft and supple skin. Cold, dry mornings leave us feeling dry & flaky as well as cause havoc on our skin! Choosing the right skincare products plays a big role when wanting to achieve hydrated skin.   Here are some of GERnétic’s range of skincare products that leave your skin feeling supple throughout this winter season!   GLYCO CLEANSING MILK Many ordinary cleansers leave our skin dry and uncomfortably tight, right? You should opt for a gentle, hydrating, lotion … Continue reading


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