The Best Skincare Products from GERnétic for Winter!


GERnétic has an array of Winter skincare products that give you beautifully soft and supple skin. Cold, dry mornings leave us feeling dry & flaky as well as cause havoc on our skin! Choosing the right skincare products plays a big role when wanting to achieve hydrated skin.


Here are some of GERnétic’s range of skincare products that leave your skin feeling supple throughout this winter season!



Many ordinary cleansers leave our skin dry and uncomfortably tight, right? You should opt for a gentle, hydrating, lotion based and fragrant-free cleanser to nourish, cleanse and exfoliate the skin.


Cleansing is the main and first step to any skincare routine. The skin on our face, neck and decolletage is the most delicate and requires the most nurture and care. Cleansing should not strip the skin of its natural oils, instead it should reinforce the natural protective barrier that keeps skin soft, supple, and never taut.


Glyco Cleansing Milk is the most delicate of cleansing milks, rich in glycoproteins to deeply moisturise. It leaves skin clear, smooth, and incredibly soft. Calendula oil adds to the skins lipid barrier to prevent dryness and keeps skin protected and functioning at its best.



For a deeper cleanse that goes further than the surface of the skin, use Marine Cleansing Gel a couple times a week to re-mineralise and hydrate the skin. It gently removes dead skin cells which allows your skin to absorb more moisture, leading to more deeply hydrated skin.



Synchro brings your skin to life, with its regenerating and healing properties. It is the very core of GERnétic’s anti-ageing research. Synchro’s combination of active amino acids, trace elements, vitamins and nurturing cold press oils is designed to nourish, revitalise, hydrate, calm and heal your skin. This makes Sycnhro an essential part of your winter skincare routine.



Another winter loving mask that you can use once a week is the Hydra Ger Mask. This mask works at a deep level, allowing the basal cells to preserve their moisture. The active ingredients in this nourishing mask encourage the binding of water molecules. Your skin is therefore left hydrated all winter long!



Use the Immuno Mask once or twice a week, to energise the cells, so your skin can absorb all the nutrients that are coming its way! Rich in amino acids and trace elements, the Immuno mask is purifying and toning, playing a key role in restoring and regulating skin functions.


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