Easy Skincare Spring Cleaning Tips


We made it! Winter is coming to an end and warm weather is on the horizon! This may be one of our most memorable winters, and one that has brought our community closer than ever before, but I am excited to take on Spring. I love the feeling of a fresh breeze blowing through an open window while I’m unwinding after a well deserved spring clean. We all know to air out the bed linen, dust every inch of the home and even make the bathroom grout shine, but what most people overlook is their skincare!


Here is a handy guide to cleaning out your skincare and makeup drawer:


Brushes & Sponges

Makeup brushes and sponges, like anything that comes into regular contact with your face, accumulate bacteria and other hidden nasties. Luckily, with a little help from soap and water you can maintain your brushes for quite a long time without replacing. To give your brushes and sponges a deep clean, simply mix water with a few drops of unscented soap, let the brushes dry flat and never leave them to soak in water, this will damage the bristles. You can add a few drops of olive oil to help break down any stubborn grime. High quality brushes like those form Jane Iredale need only replacing every 5 years if maintained correctly.


Lip Products

It’s safe to say our lips get up to a lot every day; eating, drinking, speaking, kissing! It’s best to replace lip products every 6 months rather than trying to hold on to a bacteria ridden lipstick. The best thing about replacing lip products is getting the chance to try new colours! I love Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain in Forever Pink, it’s the perfect shade for a breezy spring lunch.



Our eyes are one of the most delicate parts of our bodies, the slightest transfer of bacteria can lead to conjunctivitis, sties or even infections. Replace your mascara every 3 months or when it feels dry, whichever comes first. For those who want it all: well defined, longer looking lashes and buildable volume the Jane Iredale Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara is for you. The mascara comes in Black Ice or Espresso, next time your mascara needs replacing give this one a try!



Foundations are regularly applied to the face, exposed to oil, dead skin cells, bacteria and more, these products, liquid, cream or powder should be replaced every year. Within a year you should begin to notice the consistency, texture, shade and smell of the foundation begin to change, this is a good indication that the product needs replacing. From pure pressed mineral to matte liquid and loose powder, Jane Iredale has the right product for you! During seasonal changes, complexions change, and it can be challenging trying to find the right shade and form of foundation that fits your skin. Book in at La Peau Skin Rejuvenation and I will be more than happy to match the right Jane Iredale foundation to your skin.


Skin Creams & Moisturisers

This one’s easy! Generally, all skin creams and moisturisers whether they’re in a tube or a jar have a symbol on their packaging which indicate how many months the product lasts. The symbol depicts an open jar with a number, this number indicates when you should replace the product.








Now you have the basics of maintaining and cleaning out your skincare cupboard, you can take on the warmer months with fresh, glowing skin! For any questions or to book a consultation, call us on (07) 3207 4100













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