Using the right skin care and treatments is one way of ensuring vibrant ,hydrated skin during winter but the story doesn’t end there. A well stocked pantry can have as powerful effect on the appearance of your skin as a well stocked beauty cabinet. Skin is a reflection of your inner health. What we eat shows on our skin!

For your skin to stay supple,radiant and protected it needs to receive certain nutrients from the food you eat. Here is a short list of ingredients that will prolong the beauty of your skin – from within.


Blueberries – powerful antioxidants

Avocados – good source of essential fatty acids

Apricots – rich in fibre, beta-carotene, Vit C & A, calcium,folate, iron and potassium

Cranberries – high in Vit C,B & E, fibre,calcium,iron and magnesium


Broccoli – full of fibre,Vit C and folate to protect our body cells

Carrots – loaded with beta-carotene and are a powerful antioxidant

Dark leavy greens ( such as spinach,kale,dark lettuce ) full of goodies and great anti-oxidants


Brazil nuts – help to reduce dryness and protect the skin from UV rays

Almonds – rich in fibre to assist with a healthy digestive function, They also have good levels of calcium, zinc,iron and magnesium

Pistachios – high in iron so are great for energy and a healthy immune system

Would you like to know what else you can add to this list…….?

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