Get your first Microdermabrasion in Birkdale: The benefits are endless!


Despite the term ‘abrasion’, Microdermabrasion is nothing to fear! This treatment is a minimally invasive procedure that gently exfoliates away the thick, outer layer of skin. Used to renew overall skin tone, Microdermabrasion can improve sun damage, acne scarring, fine lines, age spots, enlarged pores and more, the list goes on.


By simply removing the top layer of skin, the body naturally replaces lost skin cells with new, healthy ones, in turn stimulating blood flow, which improves the skin’s elasticity and texture. Get your first Microdermabrasion in Birkdale, at La Peau, and you are guaranteed to be in safe hands! What sets our treatment apart from the rest is our use of the Clairderm system. Clairderm microdermabrasion focuses on safety, hygiene, comfort and flexibility of procedure.


Unlike conventional microdermabrasion, Clairderm allows us to offer you either a very gentle or a more powerful microdermabrasion procedure. Clairderm microdermabrasion incorporates the highest industry standard for hygiene with a superior performance. It is a skin perfection system! What does the treatment exactly involve? The non-invasive procedure uses a gentle process of accelerating corundum crystals onto the skin’s surface to abrade layers of dead and damaged skin cells.


On completion of the abrasive process, a vacuum suction whisks away the crystals and the unwanted abraded skin particles leaving your skin smoother, brighter, firmer and with a course of procedures, blemish free. The best part about getting Microdermabrasion in Birkdale is the zero to no downtime, you can go straight back to work or other daily activities! Apart from all the physical benefits Microdermabrasion has on your skin, most people don’t realise that it’s more than just a facial treatment, it feels amazing! As a result of being pain free, Microdermabrasion is extremely relaxing, your eyes are closed, your phone is away, making it a great treatment to de-stress.


For a complete 60 minutes, you can truly relax and drift away, this is why I believe the emotional benefits of getting Microdermabrasion in Birkdale is in part more valuable than the physical ones. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today and we’ll set up a consultation! Call us on (07) 3207 4100



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