Why You Should Get Professional Facials Regularly


While we have had a lot of time at home to perfect our “At-Home” skincare routine, there still remains a need for professional attention. Your daily skin regime should not replace in-clinic treatment, but rather, work in conjunction with the care provided by your professional aesthetician. We’ll explain why you should get professional facials in Birkdale on a regular basis!


Like in all industries, trained professionals will provide you with knowledge and services that you just can’t achieve via a DIY treatment at home. So, what are these benefits that getting a facial in Birkdale can provide? The list is endless! But here are just a few of the main benefits as experienced by our clients:


1. Superior exfoliation
Yes, there are many exfoliants available for at-home use, however, these do not compare to the level of exfoliation that an in-clinic facial can provide. Professional facials are able to better remove the first layer of skin while revealing a healthy, glowing layer underneath. Small details such as what techniques to use, how much pressure and how often to exfoliate can be tricky to pinpoint when trying to exfoliate yourself. You can try and guess what your skin needs, but an aesthetician will be able to provide an exfoliating treatment that is unique to your skin type.


2. Reduces Stress & Tension
Who doesn’t love to sit back and receive 5-star treatment from someone else? Give yourself a break and leave the hard work to the professionals, after all it’s our job! Apart from the obvious relaxing benefits of a face massage, massaging also increases blood flow and increases circulation. Improving circulation promotes new skin cell growth and collagen production. Make time for self-care and get your first relaxing facial in Birkdale today!


3. Treat Skin Problems
Whether it be acne, pigmentation, fine lines or clogged pores, there is a professional facial treatment that can treat your concern. Trying to squeeze a pimple or remove a blackhead yourself can lead to scarring or even more problems than what you started with, so seeing an aesthetician for a regular facial is all the more necessary to keep these skin problems at bay.


4. Boost Absorption Abilities
This is a benefit most people don’t think about! Skincare products are useless if your skin isn’t absorbing them and when you dedicate a lot of time and money to your at home skincare routine, you want to make sure you’re actually receiving the benefits. One of the common reasons why your skin may not be absorbing products is because the surface is so rough that active ingredients are unable to penetrate through the layers of your skin effectively. Getting a regular professional facial in Birkdale will ensure your skin is in ultimate condition to absorb your daily skincare products.


There’s no one facial that fits all when it comes to treating skin, so if you’re still considering where and what facial in Birkdale to choose, get in contact with us and we’ll provide you with professional and tailored advice.


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