How good skin starts from within.


Healthy skin is not only great for our self-esteem and confidence but also plays a major part in our health. If your skin is glowing from the outside, then you can be sure that your body is getting the right essential nutrients that it needs. If you are trying to clear up your skin or want healthier skin overall, then maybe consider what you are putting into your body before you start buying expensive skincare products.

A healthy diet, rich in nutrients plays an important role in our general health and well-being. If we are not taking in ample nutrients or if our body is not effectively processing and distributing these nutrients, our skin is one of the first places where it can react. Breakouts, wrinkles, and blemishes are signs of nutrient deficiency.

Topical skin care can certainly play a role in supporting nutrient deficiencies within our skin, as an example topical Vitamin C will help to prevent free radical damage caused from our external environment. Squalene found superficially in our skin, is a rich source of vitamin E and will help to combat free radical damage caused throughout the day. Deeper within our skin vitamin A and vitamin C serves as photoprotective agents and assist in the production of collagen and elastin.

Applying products like cleansers, serums and oils will topically treat the superficial skin layers where symptoms are present but won’t pass through the deeper layers where skin cells are produced. Essentially it will be like the effect of pain medication, dampening the pain areas but not treating the source of the pain.

Therefore, the most effective way to treat topical skin conditions is to improve your nutritional intake, this way you can battle though to the deeper layer of our skin. Clean eating and dieting are going to produce better performing skin cells and result in healthier more luminous skin.

What can you do to improve your skin health?

Start off simple! Increasing your nutrient intake and ensuring optimal gut and liver health can have a significant impact on increasing the health of our skin. You’ll notice a major difference within a short amount of time.

Start by creating a diet full of fresh, wholefoods that are rich in fibre! Fresh vegetables and fruit are the key to amazing gut health. If you think about your daily intake, you’ll notice that fruits and vegetables don’t seem to be in there much. Fruits and vegetables are the gateway to protecting and hydrating your skin whilst also working as an anti-inflammatory.

Coming soon to La Peau is a new product that can help boost the average diet. It will help improve vitality, boost collagen, hydration, support in gut health, problematic skin, and anti-ageing. We are very excited to be working with slow ageing experts!

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how to improve skin health


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