As the days draw in and the cooler air descends, it’s time to reflect on your beauty regime. Here are our top Autumn beauty tips to keep you looking and feeling your best.

– Rehydrate the skin. After being exposed to months of harsh Australian sun, the skin needs plenty of moisturiser to restore radiance. It is time to have your skin re analysed . Book in for your hydrating facial treatment or maybe time to have a peel or microdermabrassion.  Give us a call so that we will re assess your skin condition and discuss your next treatment plan for the coming months.

– Look after your hair by applying an intense moisturizing hair mask every week to avoid brittle, dry hair when the cold weather sets in. Always consult with your hair stylist – they know the best.

– Eat plenty of vegetables and your 2 pieces of fruit every day. Drink heaps of water, move your body and cut down on alcohol and sugar. It is very easy to increase the intake of food in cooler weather. So have your pantry topped up with the right food. As I always emphasis during consultations, if you do not buy it you will not eat it. Refer to our previous blogs for ideas and tips on what food is good for you.

– Remember the parts of your body you can no longer see like the feet, legs and arms! Daily moisturiser will keep your skin at its best throughout the colder season. The daily showers will start to get hotter as the weather cools down. This is very detrimental for the skin . It will not only dry up the skin but it will also damage the elasticity of your skin. It is very important that we get into the habit of applying moisturiser after our shower .

Give us a call as we are more than happy to help you with your beauty regime and get you on the right track for the coming months.

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