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At La Peau we understand skin, and that’s why we offer skin treatments for Men.

Men, just like women, deal with issues like ageing, pigmentation, sensitivity and acne.

A man’s skin is normally coarser than a female skin, has larger pores, produces excessive oil and quite often shows an increased risk of UV damage and premature ageing.

Due to shaving, the continuous dragging of a razor on the skin can cause discomfort. This results in razor burn, inflammation and irritation.

When skin is not cleaned properly, oil will clog the pores and can lead to blackheads which can lead to pimples.

We believe that men should also look after their skin and we always endeavour to do our best to help our male clients understand their skin needs.

These treatments have been designed specifically for men’s skin texture, skin’s needs and concerns.


The Deep Cleansing Facial Pack (60mins)

This treatment reenergises your tired skin and brings it back to life.

  •     A stress releasing scalp massage
  •     A deep cleansing facial treatment
  •     A relaxing foot massage

Men’s Revitalizing Pack (90mins)

Time to retreat, relax and rejuvenate – it’s time to be spoilt!

This treatment journey begins with:

  •     A back purifying treatment
  •     A self heating wrap for shoulder and neck
  •     A brow wax
  •     A microdermabrasion skin treatment to deep cleanse leaving the skin restored, healthy and revitalized.




Both strip and hot wax are used to ensure exact removal of hair.

All waxing treatments begin with sterilization of the area to be waxed and finished with an application of an after wax non-oily, antiseptic lotion with essential oil, leaving your skin refreshed and calm.

Home care advice is available to ensure your complete satisfaction.

In order to keep sanitation standards at the highest level, only disposable wax is used.

Full Legs

Male Back

Male Chest



Price: All prices start from $17 and are subject to change according to area treated

Please contact us for information and to discuss your specific individual needs.



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