Sculpting the perfect eyebrows for Spring


Achieving the perfect eyebrows has been a lifelong quest for many of us. We’ve seen so many trends come and go – from the overplucked pencil-thin brow of the 90s to the fuller and more natural brow which we see today.

Eyebrows are undeniably one of the most prominent features of our face and have the power to make us appear more youthful. We recommend you start investing in eyebrow sculpting. Sculpted eyebrows are a non-invasive solution to anti-ageing as they will lift the eyes and make them appear larger. If you work long hours, have kids or are used to a lot of late nights, sculpted eyebrows will also awaken the face, brighten your eyes and balance your facial symmetry.

At La Peau, we begin with a facial analysis, where we will check your facial shape and the balance of your brows, determining which brow shape will suit you best. We want you to feel confident and beautiful with your brows, so we will always work with you to achieve your desired look. After trimming and tweezing, if we recommend a fuller look, we will use a fine applicator to apply tint directly to your skin in hair-like strokes. The tint is also customised to your desired shade, so your eyebrows will look as natural as possible. If you are unsure whether you want to commit to a darker look, we will offer you a wash-off tint, so you can take the time to decide.

At the end of the treatment, we will also teach you how to maintain your beautiful new eyebrows with a take home brow gel, but if you find this too daunting, we welcome you to book a maintenance appointment with us every few weeks. The results of your eyebrow sculpting should last up to 6 weeks.

An easy way to maintain your eyebrows in day to day life, is by purchasing the newest addition to our Jane Iredale collection – the Pure Brow Gel. We are so excited about this product as it allows you to tame, condition and protect your brows and is made from a blend of high-tech sea minerals. It’s also available in a range of different shades, including clear. You’ll be able to celebrate any upcoming festivities with perfectly kept brows, and they’ll still look great after a few celebratory champagnes!

Many satisfied clients will also tell you they are now able to get away with wearing much less makeup, and only need to carry around their Pure Brow Gel or Jane Iredale’s Eyebrow Pencil in their handbag for quick touch ups!

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