Spring Skin Treatments in Birkdale 


Living in Brisbane, you are probably spending a lot of time in the beautiful sun as it starts to get warmer. ⁠However, with such harsh weather conditions, it is especially important to have consistent facial care to help prevent future skin care concerns such as early signs of ageing.⁠

There’s no better way to start Spring than with a treatment! Feeling completely confident in your skin is one thing but having to wear minimal to no makeup is even better. We’re here to give you advice on some of the treatments we offer here at La Peau.

1.Collagen Induction Therapy

Also known as Microneedling, it is a treatment that is based on the skin’s natural ability to repair itself whenever it encounters physical damage such as cuts, burns or other abrasions. Immediately after an injury to the skin, the body removes the damaged collagen, elastin and other structures which are then replaced by new components. Skin needling allows for controlled induction of the skin’s self-repair mechanism by creating micro-injuries which trigger new collagen synthesis yet does not pose the risk of permanent scarring. Within 6 weeks you will begin to see the results in your skin and these results will continue to improve for up to 12 months post treatment.
The result is smoother, firmer, and younger looking skin!


La Peau has a wide range of Body Wraps that are indulgent! Experience a completely relaxing, therapeutic, and pampering treatment, because you deserve it. Our unique Body Wraps include a choice of 100% natural seaweed, clay, or plant extract masks to improve circulation, lymphatic drainage, and detoxification. Body Wraps are a great treatment to incorporate during weight loss and fitness programs for a faster and healthier result.
We recommend the 90min Self Heating Algae Body Wrap!

3.Body Exfoliation

Treat your body to an amazing ’60min Body Polish’ treatment or ’30min Essential Back Treatment’. Our exfoliation treatment removes the dead surface skin cells, leaving your skin soft and supple. It’s the perfect preparation treatment for warmer months.

4.IPL Treatment

We understand how frustrating unwanted hair is, especially during the warmer months. A DIY razor job at home seems to feel like it only lasts a few days before needing to shave again. If you understand this struggle, we have the perfect solution for you.

IPL Hair Removal

The process of the IPL treatment is quite easy! Treatments begin by trimming away the hair above the skin. Once this has been done, a cold gel is spread over the treatment area, then the IPL handpiece is then applied to the skin, and pulses of light begin disabling unwanted hair. This treatment is safe to use for hair on your face, neck, back, chest, legs, underarms, or bikini line.


At La Peau, we offer a free consultation prior to any treatment, so if you have any further questions or would like some advice on any of these treatments, get in contact with us today!

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