Men Need Facials Too!


Here are at La Peau we understand skin, and are always happy to help both men and women and that’s why we offer some skin treatments specifically for men also. When it comes to your daily skincare routine, it seems to be that many men don’t really have one, or if they do it’s nothing that is effectively removing the bacteria from their skin.

Just like women, men deal with issues like ageing, pigmentation, sensitivity, and acne, sometimes even more due to shaving and not cleansing the skin properly. This not only leads to poor skin but also leads to a drop in confidence. A good skincare routine might take a few minutes from your time, but the benefits are worth paying for.
Here are some recommendations, we think are beneficial for overall better skin for men:

1.The Deep Cleansing Facial (60 mins)

This treatment reenergises tired skin and brings it back to life! Sit back and relax as we work our magic. This treatment includes:

– A stress releasing scalp massage
– A deep cleansing facial treatment
– A relaxing foot massage

2.Men’s Revitalising Pack (90 mins)

Retreat, relax and rejuvenate with this amazing 90-minute treatment. This treatment journey begins with:

– A back purifying treatment
– A self-heating wrap for your shoulders and neck
– A brow wax
– A microdermabrasion skin treatment to deep cleanse, leaving the skin restored, healthy and revitalised

3.Invest In a Good Cleanser

Invest in a good quality gentle cleanser to leave your skin feeling refreshed and free of any dirt and bacteria. We recommend the Medik8 Gentle Cleanse to our male customers as it is super lightweight yet deeply moisturising. Gentle Cleanse is a calming way to start the day or to wind down after a long day. The silky foam leaves skin intensely hydrated and soft to the touch. If the skin feels more congested then Deep pore cleanse is another good cleanser that men would love to use whilst in the shower. It will help to deep cleanse the skin leaving it refreshed and revitalised.


Buy Gentle Cleanse 150ml Buy Pore Gel Intense 150ml


4.Medik8 CSA Philosophy Discovery Kit for Men

Medik8’s CSA Philosophy Discovery Kit for men is the perfect way to improve your skin with a simple step by step routine. Vitamin C in the morning, sunscreen in the day and Vitamin A at night. This skincare routine will take your skin to the next level and will also work as a great anti-ageing solution. It’s minimal and stress free so there’s no excuses!

5.Moisturiser Is a Must

Hydra Men by GERnétic is a hydrating and moisturising men’s cream that is light, and easily absorbed with no oily residue. It enhances the regeneration, oxygenation and breathing of the dermal cells. The skin becomes softer, more refreshed, and healthier. Hydra Men supplies the very core of the cells with all the elements essential for nourishing the skin.

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Men Need Facials Too


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