How do you find the correct treatment for your skin?

The skin is a powerful organ of nonvocal communication. Due to its direct contact with the outside world it is constantly exposed to all manner of injuries and environmental forces. Therefore it is not surprising that considerable care is required to keep it in good condition.

A LIVING breathing organ, skin is not just a useful protective covering for the rest of the body. It is a fantastically complex network of biological functions, and its health and condition are as important as that of any other human organ.

Getting to know a little bit about the structure and function of your skin will help you appreciate why certain things are good for it and others are not. Understand your skin and you are then halfway to a glowing , healthy complexion.

Given that the skin denotes health and youthfulness, anything that can enhance the quality of the skin and enhance its youthfulness ( e.g. minimizing wrinkles) will contribute to attractiveness.Finding your individual skin type is the key to develop an effective skin care program.

At La Peau, we believe that a full diagnostic skin analysis is crucial. By offering this service as an integral part of all our skin treatments, you can be assured that the correct treatment is recommended for the specific requirements of your skin.


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