Thyme for some tea for these cold winter days…

Thyme has been used as food and medicine since ancient times. The french sip thyme tea for pure pleasure, but it is also wonderfully healing for winter ailments like sore throats, upper respiratory troubles and tummy bugs.

Thyme contains thymol which is a great anti-oxidant, and may help to increase omega-3 fatty acids in brain cells. Thyme also contains iron and vitamin K. Thyme tea contains only one key ingredient which is THYME and for most of us we have it in our kitchen cupboards or in our fresh herb garden.

As you sip a nice warm of freshly brewed cup of thyme tea, imagine yourself in a cozy french farmhouse surrounded by fields just beginning to thaw after a long cold winter season.

Ingredients for a cup of Thyme tea:

1 cup boiling water

1/2 tsps dried thyme leaves or  1 teaspoon of fresh  thyme

1 tsp honey (optional)


Place thyme leaves in a cup of filtered boiling water. Cover and allow to infuse for 5  minutes

Strain and serve with honey and /or lemon if you like.

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