Why make the switch to clean beauty?

Beauty trends in the industry come and go, but here at La Peau Skin Rejuvenation we are and always have been big advocates for clean beauty, and in particular the cruelty free make-up range from the wonderful jane iredale.

Have you noticed the term “clean beauty” has become the new buzz word in makeup? These two words are so much more than a catch phrase. They represent an evolution that has taken place in our industry which encompasses ingredients, manufacturing, testing and a world of other elements.

Over the last few years, the clean beauty momentum has been picking up a steady pace, but if you are nervous or unsure about making the jump over to the jane iredale bandwagon, then I hope these four reasons below will help you consider why it’s a great choice for you and your skin.

1. You’ll avoid testing on animals

Being an animal-friendly skin care and makeup brand means Jane Iredale believe that testing their products and ingredients on animals is cruel and unnecessary. Their commitment to no animal testing includes not allowing third-party animal testing for product registration purposes. They also do not sell their products in markets where testing on animals is required.

2. You’ll avoid the chemical cocktail

Did you know that up to 60% of the chemicals applied on our skin are actually able to enter our bloodstream? Jane Iredale on the other hand use non-toxic, chemical free ingredients from Mother Earth to nourish your skin without the nasties!

3. You get great results

As well as the feel good factor from using cruelty free, clean products, one of the most beneficial reasons to switch to Jane Iredale is that their range actually nourishes your skin, and doesn’t just cover up your blemishes. Jane Iredale products are equal parts clean ingredients, with skin-loving benefits and no-fade makeup performance.

4. You can lessen your carbon footprint.

Did you know that a recent study found that 90% of Australians are concerned with environmental sustainability? Jane Iredale has always been ahead of the pack when it comes to sustainable beauty, right from the start. That’s because their eco-friendly philosophy goes well beyond the surface. When it comes to a sustainable future, refillable beauty is the way forward. By making a one-time purchase of a beauty product container like the Jane Iredale Silver refillable Compact, you’ll be significantly reducing your use of single-use materials in the future.

You can shop the Jane Iredale range on our website: https://lapeau.com.au/jane-iredale/

Or feel free to ask us about what products will compliment your skincare routine when you are next in the clinic!


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