What is the difference between IPL Hair Removal and other methods?


From razors to lasers, choosing the right method of hair removal can be overwhelming! If you haven’t yet made the switch to light technology, we’re about to change your mind. We’ll break down the difference between laser and IPL and run through the benefits for you and your skin.


Both laser hair removal and IPL work by producing light energy that target the hair’s pigment to damage the hair follicle. This then reduces hair regrowth without causing harm to the surrounding tissues. The key difference being a single focused beam of light used by laser and a series of energy ‘waves’ used by IPL.


At La Peau Skin Rejuvenation we use Palomar Starlux and Multilux systems which are the most effective and advanced IPL systems; suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types. A dramatic reduction in hair growth will be seen after just a few treatments, and the hair that does grow back is thinner and softer.


You may think waxing and shaving are the safer options since they have been the common method of hair removal for a longer period of time, but you may want to think again! By waxing, you are pulling the hair from the root and in doing so you are damaging the hair bulb. When shaving you are putting your skin at risk of irritation, pimples, abrasions, rashes and more! IPL technology has been widely used in both the medicine and cosmetic world since the 90s and the best thing about it is that you can remove hair on any part of your body without damaging any surrounding tissue.

One of the stand out benefits of IPL, according to our clients, has to be its long-lasting results. With each treatment, hair growth slows, leaving you with smooth free skin for longer! Plus, when shaving you will almost always see a ‘shadow’, this happens because there is still hair in the follicle. Also, when waxing you have to wait for hair to grow long enough to wax again, this is not ideal when you have last minute plans you want to attend.


If you are serious about becoming hair free switch to IPL Hair Removal at La Peau today! Results are highly effective with unbeatable safety so you can be satisfied and worry-free.


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