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Sculpted Brows - La Paeu Brisbane eyebrow sculpting

Trends come and go, but the “perfect eyebrow” Eyebrow Shaping or Sculpting is gaining momentum in popularity as the envied feature that is an affordable reach for most of us.

If you want to achieve an instant eyelift and wipe years off your face, you cannot go past the power of a well sculpted eyebrows. Balanced correctly and shaped to perfection eyebrows can transform a face quicker than any other procedure and can really change an individual’s look. When incorrectly shaped eyebrows can make your eyes look droopy when they are not, or they can make you look angry when you’re not.

Well defined eyebrows can be achieved even on sparse brows with a few fine strokes of color. I am very confident that I can help you achieve the most flattering brow shape that will make you look good and boost your confidence.


Eye Enhancing Treatments


GERnétic Radiant Treatment (30 mins) – $60

A unique treatment to reduce wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.

This exceptional treatment immediately improves micro-circulation and lymphatic drainage of the eye area. It will encourage fibroblasts to produce

collagen and elastin to improve the elasticity of this delicate area. It will also nourish, hydrate and stimulate cell renewal.

Lash/Brow Tints


Eye Lash Tint (10mins)

Great for anybody who wants to make their lashes look longer.

Special care is taken for those with sensitive eyes. An excellent treatment for holiday makers. This treatment will enhance your eyes and will make you look good all day long. Lasts 8 – 10 weeks.

Eye Brow Tint (10mins)

For this treatment I use a special tinting technique to make your brows look fuller and more defined.

Lasts 4 – 6 weeks.

Lash & Brow Tint (20mins)

Why not have both treatments together and achieve that dramatic look that will have everyone complementing you! You can throw away your eyebrow pencil and mascara forever.

Eye Brow Sculpting (30mins) – $45

This popular treatment help to highlight your eyes and have you looking good all the time.

At La Peau I love perfecting eyebrows. Allow me to analyse your face shape, check balance of brows and bring out your natural beauty. I GUARANTEE that I will create beautiful eyebrows that you will be very happy with.

At the end of the treatment i will teach you how to maintain your beautiful eyebrows in between sculpting.

Eye Brow Maintenance (15mins)

If you find it hard to maintain your perfect eye brow shape, why not book a maintenance treatment every 4 weeks.

The Eye Package (45mins) – $80

This includes Eye brow sculpting, Eye lash tint and Eye brow tint.

Please contact us for more information and to discuss your specific individual needs.


Once your eyebrows are shaped to frame and balance your face, you will be given tips and advice on how to maintain the shape and color. To maintain the ”perfect eyebrow” you need to give a little thought to the tool you are using.

There are different types of tweezers but they are all designed to suit different tasks. We recommend the right tweezers that are great and safe to use for the undesirable hairs, and that are especially crafted for shaping the eyebrows.

To maintain the color on your ‘perfect eyebrow” we are happy to recommend the Jane Iredale  Bitty Brow Kit which contains a transparent botanical brow wax to shape and set brows, pigmented brow powder to match with your complexion and three brushes to help you apply the color on your professional sculpted brows in Brisbane.

It is as easy as that!

Do not leave it for any longer, call La Peau on 07 3207 4100 and see for yourself why we have been brow experts since 1992!

Do what celebrities do: Get that “perfect eyebrow” now!


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