Body Wraps

Body Wraps

Indulge in the warm envelope of a beautiful body wrap and experience the completely relaxing, therapeutic and pampering treatment all in one.

La Peau truly unique Body Wraps include a choice of 100% natural seaweed, clay or plant extracts masks to improve circulation, lymphatic drainage and detoxification.

Body wraps instill a state of deep relaxation and wellness.

Body Wraps are a great treatment to incorporate during weight loss and fitness programs for a faster and healthier result.

Firming Body Wrap – (90 mins) – $145

For firming and toning

Slimming Body Wrap – (90 mins) – $145

Detoxifying and slimming

Fitness Body Wrap – (90 mins) – $145

Remineralizing, relaxing and fitness

Self Heating Algae Body Wrap – (90 mins) – $145

Detoxifying, anti-cellulite, pain relief

Orange Body Wrap – (90 mins) – $145

Moisturizing and soothing

Grape Body Wrap – (90 mins) – $145

Detoxifying and strengthens blood capillaries

Self- Heating Cocoa Body Wrap – (90 mins) – $145

Nourishing and mood lifting

All wraps include a full body scrub and a luxurious spa facial treatment.



If you have never treated yourself to the experience of how great your skin feels after a body exfoliation, try it now. An exfoliation treatment removes the dead surface cells, leaving your skin soft and smooth.

Body Polish (60 mins) – $75

Extracts of sea salts, vitamins and essential oils will boost circulation , detoxify and leave your skin silky smooth.

Stop and relax with this revitalising salt therapy treatment combining exfoliation and massage with essential oils in one treatment . Includes a pressure point scalp massage.

Essential Back Treatment (30 mins) – $50

A deep cleansing treatment for the shoulders and back; ideal for congested skin.

Great treatment for those in need of a thorough cleansing of this hard to reach area of the body. This treatment removes impurities, eases tension in the back and shoulders and leaves skin cleansed, toned and smooth.

Relax as you enjoy a stress releasing pressure point scalp massage to conclude the treatment.


Total Body Tanning

When you are tanned you look and feel younger, healthier and energetic and this will boost your self confidence.

The treatment begins with an effective skin exfoliation , then a hydrating self-tanning treatment is applied. This gives you a smooth even tan without streaking or any unattractive patches. Within 2 hours you will have a healthy glow with no sun damage!

We use and recommend only safe self tanning treatments.

Total body Tanning – (60 mins) – $60

Includes product for home maintenance

Full legs exfoliation and tan application – (15 mins) – $25

Full body exfoliation, massage and professional tan application – (90 mins) – $85


Clairderm Celluslim


Clairderm Celluslim combines the benefits of 3 proven techniques to better perform a variety of aesthetic and therapeutic applications.

  •     The use of a powerful suction method for a vacuum rolling technique.
  •     Infrared to warm up the tissue and help breaking down the fat cells.
  •     Lymphatic Drainage – dramatically improving cellulitis, detoxing and toning.

Treatments – (30 mins) $45 / (60 min) $60

Can be performed on Thighs, Gluteus, Calves and back of knees, Stomach, Arms and Back and neck.

Combined with a body wrap – $25

Please contact us for more information and to discuss your specific individual needs.