How to have glowing skin all summer long!


When the temperature rises, the heat and humidity activates our oil glands causing excessive sebum around the T-zone area. Tanning, dry patches, overactive sebaceous glands, sunburn, pigmentation, blemishes, and acne – these are a few issues that you may face during summer. Having a proper skin care routine throughout the Summer is the first line of defence to taking care of your skin.
Keep reading to see how to keep your skin looking photo perfect all summer long.


Changing face wash

Cleansing your face is the most basic skin care routine that you need to follow. During summer, the climate is hot and humid. Your face tends to produce more oil during this time, so you need to change your cleanser accordingly. If you have oily skin, you’ll notice that you tend to clog more easily causing acne. A foaming cleanser that contains salicylic acid will work best for you.

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This is something that you absolutely cannot forget during summer. Sun protection for your face, hands, legs, and any other exposed parts of your body is vital. Excessive UV exposure can permanently damage your skin and cause sunburn, wrinkles, fine lines, skin cancer, and premature aging. Invest in a sunscreen that has a broad UV spectrum (at least SPF 30). Apply it twice a day on all the exposed parts of your skin.


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Serums, moisturisers, and sunscreens are a great investment and come with so many antioxidants. For instance, vitamin C protects your skin from environmental damage, prevents wrinkles, and boosts collagen development. Creams and serums with natural extracts and antioxidants reduce inflammation, neutralise harmful free radicals, and repair your skin.

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Wear less makeup

When it comes to makeup during the summer months, go minimal. Your skin needs to breathe when the weather is super-hot and humid. If you absolutely cannot do without your foundation, go for a tinted moisturizer with SPF.

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Cold Showers

Avoid hot showers and baths during summer as they dehydrate your skin. Take a cold-water shower instead. It keeps your pores unclogged and prevents acne breakouts. It is also much more refreshing.


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