How your gut affects your health

Your gut affects your health. Your gut contains trillions of microorganisms, which are essential for your health. Your gut is also where your immune system lives. If you have an imbalance of good and bad bacteria, this can affect your skin. Good bacteria help keep your skin healthy, while bad bacteria causes inflammation. When you have an imbalance of bacteria, your skin may become aggravated and inflamed, causing acne, rosacea, or other skin conditions.

What sources of food and drinks can make our gut unhealthy?

We are constantly exposed to toxins through the air, water, soil, and food. These chemicals can cause harm to us if not properly filtered. Our immune systems are designed to protect us against foreign invaders like viruses and bacteria, but they can become overwhelmed by the constant onslaught of environmental toxins. When our immune systems are compromised, this can lead to health issues such as allergies and asthma, and in severe cases, even lead to autoimmune diseases and diabetes.

Your digestive system needs wide range of nutrient-rich foods that will help keep your gut healthy. Your gut needs constant hydration to help flush out the toxins, which is why we should be drinking 2L of water per day, including between and during meals. You can also substitute a glass of water with tea instead if you want to change it up; green tea, turmeric tea, chamomile tea, peppermint or ginger are some great alternatives that taste great while still being healthy for your gut.

Poor gut health can also affect your energy levels, mood, and weight. Studies show that having poor gut health affects our immune system and blood sugar levels, so it is important to get our gut health sorted in order to maintain our long-term immunity. We should start paying attention to what we put in our bodies, especially when it comes to certain foods or ingredients that might cause our skin to become more reactive. The most commonly found culprits are sugar, salt, and simple carbohydrates.

Here are some tips to get your gut on the right path:

1. Eat wholefoods
Choose foods that are in their original form, rather than something processed or manufactured. Staying away from refined foods and sugar as much as possible will benefit your body in multiple ways.

2. De-stress
When you’re stressed out, your body produces chemicals called cortisol and adrenaline. These hormones help us deal with stress, but if we’re constantly exposed to them, they can cause problems like weight gain, high blood pressure, heart disease, and anxiety. Yoga, meditation and massages all help reduce stress levels and release endorphins, which can give you a natural high.

3. Eat mindfully
Did you know our saliva contains digestive enzymes that aid in the breakdown of food? When we chew our food, we break it down into smaller pieces which allows us to digest it more quickly. Chewing also signals our brains that we’re hungry and should start preparing our bodies for digestion. When we eat slower, we allow our brains time to prepare for digestion, too.

Heal your gut today, with Vita-Sol’s Purity Greens – inner beauty greens powder is great for gut health and problematic skin. Filled with Organic greens and sprout blend, including Dandelion, Milk Thistle and Green Kiwi Fruit powder, the powder contributes to the maintenance of normal liver function. Detox greens go hand-in-hand with cleanse and acne skin care products.

Simply blend 2 level teaspoons to 50ml of water or add to smoothies or juice.

* Consult with your doctor before changing your diet.

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