Indulge in a Body Wrap


For those wondering what body wraps are, it’s exactly as the name suggests… the covering of your body with certain beneficial products! Your body wrap session would begin with a full body scrub to ensure any topical products applied later on during the treatment can receive ultimate absorption by your skin. Our therapists would then wrap you in your choice of a seaweed, clay or plant mask. Don’t worry you’ll feel nice and cosy in the wrap! Just relax, rewind and forget about your worries.

As you are dreaming of zero bills and no work hassle, a luxurious facial treatment will be applied to further elevate your therapeutic experience. Envelope yourself in a pamper treatment from top to bottom and rewind to soft, gentle music.

You will then be rinsed off and HELLO fabulous skin!!

Though body wraps are a great relaxation treatment, they’re sadly not for everyone. Individuals who are claustrophobic are advised not to undergo this treatment, but it’s ok we offer an array of other therapeutic treatments!! Individuals with allergies and sensitive skin should also exercise caution with body wraps especially if their skin reacts to certain fragrances and herbs, so be sure to consult and consult us first before undergoing a body wrap.

We have a range of body wraps suited to your needs from slimming and firming to detoxifying and moisturising. Pain relief? Tick. Mood lifting? Tick. You name it, we got it!

If you’re looking to lose some weight but finding that progress is a tad slow. Guess what? BODY WRAPS are here to help! Incorporate them into your fitness regime and watch those extra kilos shed away faster. Relaxation and weight loss all in one treatment?? Too good.

To explore our range of body wraps or for more information call 07 3207 4100 to help your body achieve ultimate wellness.


Indulge in a Body Wrap


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