Why Medik8’s Ultimate Recovery Intense is Essential this Winter


It’s no surprise that dehydrated skin is a widespread problem that seems to come hand in hand with the cold winter months. Lower temperatures and levels of humidity mean the barrier our skin relies on is more at risk of drying out, leading to compromised and uncomfortable skin.


This dryness is activated by a process called Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL), where colder temperatures rob your skin barrier of the moisture it so badly needs to maintain soft and supple skin. This process sounds intimidating but can actually be fought against with the right ingredients in hand.


Medik8’s Ultimate Recovery Intense is an innovative and heavy-duty skin repair cream aimed to restore dry skin.


Extraordinary rich, Ultimate Recovery Intense is directly aimed to calm sensitive skin, preventing further painful and uncomfortable skin irritations. Relief for dry to normal skin types is guaranteed through the careful selection of key ingredients.


Ultimate Recovery Intense is infused with Perfluorodecalin, an oxygen carrier which helps boost healing. While the name sounds intimidating, this ingredient revitalises irritated skin and breathes life back into inflamed blemishes that may have been caused by a lack of oxygen exposure.


Beta-glucan is yet another ingredient which helps to enhance the collagen within our skin, providing comfort to dry and irritated skin while also boosting the body’s natural defence mechanisms.


This innovative moisturiser further locks in moisture through the infusion of arnica, a naturally occurring anti-inflammatory ingredient derived from the rare Arnica montana wildflower. It helps to reduce skin imperfections such as bruising, and also works to relieve sore and dry skin.


Silk serica is another naturally occurring ingredient which helps to enhance the skin’s natural regenerative cycle, boosting the renewal of complexions.


By harnessing and combining these ingredients and creating an innovative formula, this product is a key weapon in the fight against the harshness of winter months.


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