Mixed & Oily – Purifying anti-acne cream 50ml

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Anti Acne Cream

Mixed & Oily deactivates the formation of pimples and reduces seborrhea. It is a depurative,  antimicrobial, and anti-acne cream.

Mix & Oily is extremely efficient for reducing cutaneous imperfections (blackheads, dilated pores, spots) Very gentle/pleasant cream, that leaves no trace.

– treats oiliness, congestion, and breakouts.
– reduces pimples and reduces oiliness.
– reduces imperfections.

Suitable for oily, combination, and acne skin. Great for blackheads and pimples. NOT FOR: dry skin or teenagers.

How to use: Mixed and Oily can be used after cleansing. Apply everywhere, with a small amount applied on the face, chest, and even on the back if necessary. Follow with a very small quantity of Synchro or Synchro 2000 regenerating cream.


– Hydroxyproline: an oil-soluble amino acid that is a major component of the protein collagen. It’s a softening and emollient oil associated with fatty acids.
– Caprylic Acid: derived from coconut oil, it’s antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory.
– Chlorella algae and lactobacillus casei: a friendly bacteria that regulates and balances the skin’s functions and strengthens the skin’s microbiome.
– b-Lacto globulin and a filtrate rich in amino acids and l-lactic acid: hydrating and healing.
– Burdock root extract, plantain fruit, and thyme: balancing, soothing, antibacterial.

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