When was the last time you got a massage? Honestly? We’re not talking about the type of massage you get from your significant other, but the type of massage you receive from an experienced therapist. The kind of massage that melts away all your built-up stress and muscle tension from everyday life.

A professional remedial massage truly is a natural form of therapy. In today’s modern world there seems to be more stress around than ever before however, massage offers more than just stress relief, it can also help with certain medical conditions too!

Everyone deserves a little TLC in their life, but if that’s not a good enough reason to get yourself a massage, then here’s some more reasons to convince you:

Getting a massage relieves stress & anxiety

We all know that everyday stress is real. Juggling work, school runs, after school activities, socialising… the list goes on. Take some time out from your busy schedule to come into La Peau Skin Rejuvenation & indulge in a relaxing massage to reduce the amount of stress you may be feeling.

Getting a massage reduces depression

People may feel depressed for many reasons & treating depressions can be a long term plan, however, massage could play a role in this treatment. Massage tends to help combat many symptoms related to depression like improved breathing, settle your nerves, lower blood pressure levels and more!

Getting a massage reduces muscle tension

From professional athletes to those of us who follow more simple workout programs, people who exercise can benefit from massage. Massage can assist with conditioning, range of motion, and flexibility, as well as speed up recovery from muscle injuries.

Getting a massage relieves tension headaches

Tension headaches are a very common type of headache. They are believed to be caused when the muscles contract in the neck, face, scalp, and jaw. One of the major causes of tension headaches is stress. Massage therapy can help reduce the tightness of the muscles and alleviate the pain caused by tension headaches.

Getting a massage can improve your overall health & wellbeing

Many people integrate massage therapy into a regular health and wellness plan, and find that it improves their overall health and well-being. Most people feel rejuvenated after their massages and enjoy both the physical and emotional benefits that massage can bring.

At La Peau Skin Rejuvenation, our visiting massage therapist Jo comes to us with over 20 years’ experience and can truly work her magic with any issues you may be having.

Many people integrate massage therapy into a regular health and wellness plan, and find that it improves their overall health and well-being but hey, don’t take our word for it, try for yourself.

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