Get The Rundown on IPL Hair Removal

IPL Hair Removal

Get The Rundown on IPL Hair Removal   The holiday season may still be weeks away but there is no doubt the warm weather has arrived! Cool breezy mornings, followed by warm days and dry afternoons, before you even know it, it is singlet and shorts weather. We understand most people can become a little lazy with the razor during the colder months and are not quite ready to bear all of your skin.   Get ready to ditch the razor and say goodbye to stubble & shavers’ rash because IPL is here to revolutionise the world of hair removal. … Continue reading

Tips on how to glow for spring!


Tips on how to glow for spring!   Hello Spring! We’ve missed your warm days and bright flowers. Spring is the perfect time to change up your look and really focus on bringing out your inner glow. The little things matter, it is as simple as a change of skincare routine or introducing a new product, some highlights to brighten your hair or using a little bronzing moisturizer. Here are some tips to spice things up.   Let’s start with skin, Serums are amazing, they create the perfect dewy look that can boost your dry morning skin. Some of our … Continue reading