Neck lifts and Facial Sculpting without the need of surgery

“High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound” is a revolutionary, non invasive, non-surgical cosmetic technology.


Only $350

Christmas packs available now


Give the EXTRAORDINARY this festive season with the new Midnight Beauty Christmas Collection.

Crystal Queen

Unveil the age defying powers of crystal encapsulation


  • Natural Clay Mask 30ml
  • Micellar Mousse 40ml
  • Hydr8 B5 15ml
  • Crystal Retina 3 30ml

RRP: $156

SAVE: $10


Encapsulated Forest

Harness the restorative powers of night-time repair.


  • Cream Cleanse 40ml
  • Retinol Eye TR 7ml
  • Retinol 3TR Intense 15ml
  • Advanced Night Restore 15ml

RRP: $134

SAVE: $46


The Key To Youth

Recharge and energise your skin with pure peptide power


  • Eyelift Peptides 15ml
  • Liquid Peptides 10ml
  • Firewall Peptides 30ml

RRP: $212.50

SAVE: $67



Christmas Duos

Choose Synchro, plus one of five fantastic products.An ideal gift to boost your skin.

Anti Ageing Duo Pack

  • Synchro 50ml
  • Nuclea 30ml

RRP: $226

SAVE: $99


Purifying Duo Pack

  • Synchro 50ml
  • immuno 30ml

RRP: $179

SAVE: $71


Super Nourishing Duo Pack

  • Synchro 50ml
  • Cytobi 30ml

RRP: $267

SAVE: $110


Soothing Duo pack

  • Synchro 50ml
  • Vasco 30ml

RRP: $186

SAVE: $79


Firming Duo Pack

  • Synchro 50ml
  • Myo Myoso 30ml

RRP: $184

SAVE: $77


Limited edition christmas kits

Be Eye-Catching kit

  • Come fly with me eye shadow kit
  • black ice longest lash thickening & lengthening Mascara
  • Purelash extender & conditioner
  • Basic black eye pencil
  • Honeycomb bag

RRP: $169

SAVE: $76


Be Uplifted kit

  • Giddy Lipdrink lip balm
  • Magic Mitt
  • POMMIST mini hydration spray 12ml
  • Honeycomb Bag

RRP: $89

SAVE: $30


Be Rosy kit

  • Queen bee purepressed blush
  • D2O mini hydration spray 12ml
  • White fan brush rose gold
  • Pink glace puregloss lip gloss
  • Honeycomb Bag

RRP: $129

SAVE: $54