A Beginners Guide to a Skincare Routine


New Year, New Me! (Or that is what we tell ourselves at least)
New Year resolutions come and go, some stick around, some never had a chance, but whether it be to quit smoking or exercise, January is the perfect time of year to give a new routine a go!
If you don’t have a skincare regime already in place, here are a few simple steps to introducing a new skin routine into your busy schedule:


  1. Know Your Skin Type


Before you even begin to consider what products or treatments to include in your regime, it is important to know what skin type you have. Skin types range from oily, combination, dry, normal and/or sensitive. Certain characteristics of your skin such as pore size, colour, shine and texture will help you identify which skin type your skin belongs to.


Try and examine your skin when it is bare of all cosmetic and makeup products, like right after a shower. If it is greasy or oily, you may have oily skin, if it’s dry or flaky, you may have dry skin. If some areas are dry yet some areas like the T-zone are oily then you may have combination skin. If you tend to react or go red after certain products you may have sensitive skin and you if you’re lucky enough to not face any of these characteristics you may have normal skin.


  1. Foundations to A Skincare Routine


Try not to complicate things! If you ask any aesthetician, they will tell you every skincare regime has three foundational steps and they are cleanse, moisturise and apply sunscreen. You should cleanse followed by moisturising every morning and night and apply sunscreen (at least SPF 30+) 30min prior to going outside. The Cancer Council recommends reapplying every 2 hours if you’re outdoors, especially in Brisbane’s harsh climate.


Later in your routine, when you want to ease in any serums, toners, exfoliants or other you can apply them after cleansing but prior to moisturising. Below is a guide to visualising the basic skincare steps!



  1. Addressing a Specific Skin Concern


Whether its acne, blackheads, rosacea or signs of aging, introducing active ingredients into your skincare regime is a great start. Active ingredients do the hard work when treating your concern.


Now there are 101 possible skin concerns you may have and even more active ingredients to treat those concerns. Rather than me listing them all, it would be more beneficial to undergo a skin consultation! You can read as many tips and tricks online, but nothing beats advice from a skin professional. Highly trained and knowledgeable in all things skin and skincare, a therapist will provide you with the steps and treatments to kick start your new regime. (and possibly ways to make sure your New Year’s resolution transforms into a habit!)


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