From improved sleep to skin health, these are the benefits of lowering alcohol consumption

Dry July is here, and many people are taking part in this month’s challenge to reduce alcohol consumption. But what about all the benefits that come with drinking less? First of all, there are many people who choose to give up alcohol during Dry July in order to reduce their risk of developing certain health conditions like diabetes, heart disease and liver cirrhosis (all of which can be increased by overconsumption of these beverages). Secondly, many doctors recommend that we cut down on our drinking as part of a healthy lifestyle so that we can live happier lives. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the benefits associated with reducing your alcohol intake:

Skin Benefits

Reduction in alcohol means less toxin build-up in your skin’s deeper layers, which can help eliminate breakouts and persistent congestion. Fine lines, wrinkles, dullness and puffiness are also less likely to be pronounced, as water is better retained in the skin’s tissue.

Better sleep

Another benefit of cutting back on alcohol is better sleep. Studies have shown that sleep quality improves when people drink less than 14 drinks per week—and even when they cut back from 14 drinks to eight or fewer per week. So, if you’re looking for a way to make sure you get enough rest each night, consider cutting back on alcohol consumption!

Increased Hydration

Alcohol consumption can mean frequent urination. This can cause dehydration, especially if you are drinking more than a glass of wine or beer a day.

To keep yourself hydrated, it is important to drink enough water each day. Drinking plenty of water is also in part to your body maintaining its essential electrolytes and not having them flushed from your body. These electrolytes help retain fluid, meaning your skin looks and feels plump, while your thirst is quenched.

When it comes to your complexion, a glass or two less of alcohol could help. Alcohol is a toxin, so reducing your intake can help eliminate breakouts and congestion and make better use of water in the skin’s tissue.

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