Fat Freezing: No Needles, No Downtime


Cryolipolysis: The name is a tongue twister but oddly enough the concept behind this innovative treatment is rather simple. Fat freezing as the name suggests involves freezing your fat cells through a carefully controlled application which kills those stubborn pockets of fat hanging on your stomach, thighs or waist. Goodbye love handles, I did not love you.


So, you’re probably wondering how does this procedure work? Is there any pain involved? What happens to the fat cells after they’re frozen? Fat freezing utilises special vacuumed paddles which are applied to your body part, the vacuum suctions onto your skin whilst cold temperatures are released to cool your fat cells. Cold temperatures damage fat cells without impacting upon any other body cells or underlying tissues so rest assured this procedure is completely safe. This procedure can take up to 2 hours but you’ll be lying comfortably on a chair where you can binge on your favourite Netflix show, catch up on some beauty sleep or even reply to some work emails (if you’re a workaholic). As the cold temperatures numb your skin, you won’t be feeling much pain but rather a possibility of discomfort if anything.


Once the treatment is done, you can be up and running. There’s no downtime. None. No need to call into sick for work. I know… how sad. The area where the fat freezing was conducted might be a bit red but that’s about it.


You can expect to see results within 12 weeks with up to 30% of permanent fat cell exterminated in the treated area. The damaged fat cells break down and are then expelled by the body naturally through the lymphatic system and liver. Now you can see why the Kardashians swear by this procedure, it’s just too amazing!


As this treatment is much safer than invasive procedures such as liposuction, fat freezing is suitable for individuals looking for mild improvements rather than a drastic change. So sadly, it isn’t ideal for anyone who is significantly overweight.


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