The Benefits of Exfoliating from Head to Toe


Here at La Peau, we offer two body exfoliation treatments that are highly effective for achieving silky smooth skin. Our Body Polish treatment utilises a blend of extracts of sea salts, vitamins and essential oils in order to boost circulation and detoxify your body.


Our Essential Back exfoliation is equally effective, focusing on cleansing the shoulders and back. This is particularly ideal for congested skin that may build up in those hard to reach areas. Both treatments work to remove impurities and ease tension within the skin.


Exfoliation is the process in which your skin is scrubbed in order to gently slough away dull and dry skin. This reveals the smooth and fresh skin beneath, and when followed up with effective moisturising, results in glowing, supple skin. You might already include exfoliants in your weekly skincare routine, but full body exfoliations are incredibly beneficial! Like any other gem, your body needs polishing and cleaning in order to remain radiant and clean. This is especially evident during the winter season, when dry and irritable skin can be incredibly common. But the idea of shedding dead skin cells seems a little strange, gross even. So how exactly can exfoliation help dry skin?


Improves Collagen Production

Body exfoliation works to encourage the body to produce more collagen, the protein in charge of keeping your skin looking young and healthy. Exfoliants promote stimulation to the skin, therefore a regular body scrub signals the body to generate more collagen. Ultimately, this leads to glowing, vibrant skin and greater elasticity. This is especially important when the body’s ability to generate collagen decreases with age.


Improves the Effectiveness of Skincare Products

Without scrubbing away dead skin cells, daily body moisturisers are unable to completely penetrate the skin’s surface. This means that you’re often spending copious amounts of money on moisturisers that aren’t being used to their full potential! Body exfoliants directly combat this, by removing the dead skin cells that clog your body’s pores.


Keeps Ingrown Hairs at Bay

Ingrown hairs are painful and annoying to manage. Exfoliating helps to remove the cells that cause ingrown hairs, and ultimately helps to lift hairs away from the skin. This means that waxing and shaving is made a lot less painful. Skip the irritated skin and ingrown hairs by exfoliating!


Stimulates Cell Growth

Exfoliation can also promote cell turnover, meaning that your skin cells work faster to produce soft and supple skin. This also works to thicken the skin and helps to make cellulite less visible.


Helps your Lymphatic System

A natural and healthy glow is easy with exfoliation, as it helps to stimulate the body’s lymphatic system. This system is a complex network of vessels that eliminates toxins and maintains fluid levels. Exfoliation increases blood circulation to your skin, consequently encouraging your lymphatic system to eliminate waste and drain away germs and other nasty substances



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