How does the Gernetic Immuno Mask work?


Spring is just around the corner! The weather is warming up, we’re spending more time outdoors and as restrictions continue to ease, our social calendars are slowly starting to fill up. With so much to look forward to, there’s no better feeling than going out with little makeup on and feeling confident in your own skin. When it comes to achieving your skin goals, I always try to recommend the Gernetic Immuno Mask when suitable.


Face masks play a significant role in any skincare routine! They have a way of delivering a potent dose of active ingredients to treat almost any skin concern. They can help manage dry to oily skin, redness, uneven skin tone and even aging skin. What makes the Gernetic Immuno Mask so amazing is its role in restoring and regulating skin functions by promoting a healthy turnover of new skin cells.


The mask is very easy to use. After cleansing, lightly massage half a teaspoon of Gernetic Immuno all over the face and neck, leave on for 10 minutes then remove with lukewarm water. What makes this mask even better is its versatility! You can mix other Gernetic products with the mask to create a super skin product! Mixed with the Gernetic Synchro cream, the Gernetic Immuno forms an intense purifying and anti-aging action to address fine lines and wrinkles.


If you’re still not convinced by the Gernetic Immuno mask, here’s a summary of the key benefits:


  • Purifying, astringent and toning
  • Restores and regulates skin functions
  • Promotes healthy production of new skin cells
  • Nutritive and promotes regeneration of the basal skin cells

With any treatment or product, it is always recommended you seek the advice of a professional to be sure the treatment or product is suitable for your skin. The last thing you want is to aggravate your skin concern, resulting in more harm than good! So, if you’re in need of a little skin pick-me-up, let us know and we’ll be delighted to recommend a suitable regime.


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