Why you should get ClairDerm Microdermabrasion!


Can you believe there’s only three months left of the year? It seems like just yesterday we were restricted to our homes facing the new concept of social distancing. While there are still many parts of a post-pandemic world that will take some getting used to, there’s so much to look forward to! Enjoying some summer sun, seeing loved ones, 1.5m apart of course, indulging in festivities and celebrating the end of the year. It’s important to prep your skin before the festive season begins, so, now is the perfect time to get a ClairDerm Microdermabrasion and we’re going to tell you why!


Firstly, if you’re unsure what ClairDerm Microdermabrasion is, it can be explained by breaking down the title to Micro meaning small and dermabrasion which refers to a mechanical or physical exfoliation. Put these two words together to form Microdermabrasion and you a get a treatment consisting of gentle exfoliation! What makes this type of exfoliation gentle, is its ability to only remove the uppermost dead skin layers. ClairDerm is the manufacturer of the device and with over 23 years in the industry, they are the leading and most trusted Aesthetic Equipment provider in the business.

We can’t stress enough the benefits of exfoliation, but we’re going to try! Exfoliation sweeps away dead skin cells, dry skin, dirt and any other form of debris laying on the skin’s surface that would otherwise make its way into pores causing stubborn blackheads and whiteheads. By unclogging pores, you are also preventing other blemishes and even acne. While ClairDerm Microdermabrasion manages to unclog your pores, the surface of your skin is smoother and is therefore, better able to absorb skincare products.


If you’re still not convinced on the treatment, you will be when you find out how easy and quick ClairDerm Microdermabrasion is! The treatment is a non-invasive, gentle process of using corundum crystals accelerated onto the skin’s surface to abrade layers of dead and damaged skin cells. On completion of the abrasive process, a vacuum suction whisks away the crystals and the unwanted abraded skin particles leaving your skin smoother, brighter, firmer and with a course of procedures, blemish free. By removing the top layer of skin, the body naturally replaces the lost skin cells with healthy, new cells. Blood flow is also stimulated improving cell production and skin elasticity.


So do yourself a favour and prep your skin now with a ClairDerm Microdermabrasion treatment, before the mayhem of festive season begins!


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