This week as the world celebrate Valentine’s Day at La Peau we are head over heels in love with great skin!

Healthy , radiant skin starts with healthy cells. Successful cell renewal is one of the keys to great skin, it is the process that is essential to keeping our skin healthy and youthful looking.

The skin’s ability to breath and to stimulate a healthy cell turnover is vital to maintain a beautiful glowing complexion but sometimes external factors can get in the way.  While we can’t always stop what life has to throw at us, we can take steps in our daily skin routine to fight the more negative effects and breathe life back into our skin.

Fortunately at La Peau – your skin specialist have the answer!

For a dull , lifeless dehydrated skin we highly recommend the GERnetic Ger-Oxy Oxygenating Cream . This light textured cream activates the skin’s microcirculation , increasing moisture to the skin’s surface whilst it is absorbed quickly and effectively. It is rich in amino-acids to regenerate and oxygenate tired, lifeless skin. Containing B Vitamins to nourish and enhance the function of the skin cells. Vitamin C acts as a natural anti-oxidant to fight free radicals.

By assisting your skin’s own functions and renewal process with GERnetic’s powerful skincare range, you will achieve results that will make you beautiful on the outside and within.

Buy Ger-Oxy during the month of February to receive GLYCO cleansing milk and FIBRO preparation lotion with our compliments!

Now that’s true love!

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