The Evolution of GERnétic

For over fifty years GERnétic has used the science of gerontology and genetics to create innovative products that are suitable for all skin types. But where did it all begin? Keep reading to find out!

The Origin of GERnétic
It all began in 1960 when Dr Albert Laporte, a leading cell biologist, was inspired to create a formula that would enhance the skin’s immunity and ability to regenerate. While working in a well-known Parisian hospital, Dr Laporte began his research in cellular therapy and the formulation of topical treatments aimed at relieving the suffering of burns patients and improving the state and appearance of very damaged skin. He was able to discover that numerous skin complaints were the result from deficiencies at cellular level. As a result, he concluded that the missing nutrients must be added to his formulas. The overall goal was to provide, in optimal doses, a combination of essential nutritional molecules in order to assist the skin in its regeneration process so that it can repair itself, get relief from its conditions and slow down the appearance of visible signs of ageing. Dr Laporte transposed this innovative discovery into the world of beauty and over a decade later, in 1972, the Synchro and Cytobi creams were born! Five years later, the GERnétic brand debuted in Saint Raphaël, France.

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The creams Dr Laporte created were designed to address the cause of the problem and not just the symptoms. This was the start of the true and holistic approach of the GERnétic brand.

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Developing The Brand
In 1989, the GERnétic flag was planted in Australia! Jacqueline and Jean-Luc Gaubicher set up a company called Vital Plus to become the sole distributor and educators of the innovative GERnétic method and philosophy in Australia. To create the iconic products that you use today, Dr Laporte carefully selected amino acids, polypeptides, proteins and other metabolic compounds, vitamins and trace elements. He found that when these were extracted whole from organically grown plants and then delivered deep into living cells, they enhance the health of the skin! Dr Laporte used a culture of lactobacillus casei, which is rich in lytic enzymes, that was sourced primarily from plant cells. This ensured the ingredients were extremely bioavailable, allowing them to penetrate deeply into the cells. As a result, through its wide range of dermo-cosmetic products, the GERnétic brand compensates for internal deficiencies, in order to improve external problems such as acne.

The Philosophy of GERnétic
By 2006, GERnétic was spreading its values and philosophy around the world with a presence in 49 countries! The brand aimed to constantly update and advance their technologies to be of the finest, most modern standards. GERnétic strived to give every woman the beauty care products needed to enable free expression. From early on, the principles of GERnétic were way ahead of their time and they continue to be on-trend today. Over the years, many new products have emerged, but these are some of our favourites:

In 2015, the Lift Cream was born. The anti-aging jewel boosts cell growth while reducing wrinkles, crow’s feet, and dark circles.

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In 2016, GERnétic developed its famous GG Cream. This product instantly transforms the skin, making it brighter and unified using tinted micro-pigments. The GG Cream combines the properties of skincare and makeup, dispersing and blurring out imperfections such as wrinkles once blended in.

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Today, GERnétic continues to use research to break new ground and meet the expectations of their consumers. Here at La Peau, we are proud to have worked with this amazing, innovative brand for so many years and look forward to continuing this journey of smart skincare.

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