What is Cool Lipo? And how does it work?

Many people struggle to slim down in particular areas, despite committing to healthy diets and regular exercise. Often additional action is necessary to assist in getting rid of stubborn fat. That is where Cool Lipo can help!

What is Cool Lipo?

Cool Lipo, also known as Cryolipolysis treatment or cool sculpting, is a way to freeze unwanted fat in the body with no surgery or downtime. Fat cells are susceptible to the effects of cold unlike other cells, so therefore the cryolipolysis treatment works by using cold temperatures to break down fat cells. These cells will be naturally by the body’s lymphatic system.

Why is Cryolipolysis treatment better than other traditional contouring procedures?

Cryolipolysis treatment offers incredible benefits over surgical and traditional contouring procedures. Benefits include a comfortable fat-free removal with a skin tightening experience, non-invasive techniques with no downtime, minimal swelling and bruising and noticeable results achieved after just one treatment with cells continuing to break down 3 to 4 months after treatment. An average of 2 to 4 treatments is recommended but it is best to speak to us so we can decide what is best. Your consultation will include measurements and a diet program.

What areas can Cryolipolysis treatment target?

Cryolipolysis treatment can target everywhere from the knees to the chin, including the upper and lower abdomen, flanks, love handles, bra bulges, back fat, and your inner and outer thighs. Wherever your stubborn fat may be, our team can help. Cool Lipo will help shape, tighten, slim, drain and remove cellulite!

If you’re looking to have your body perfectly contoured and ready for European Summer, your next step is to contact us to book a consultation. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your treatment options or concerns. Contact us on 07 3207 4100 or email us at info@lapeau.com.au


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