When was the last time you had a critical look inside your make-up bag? Be honest. Take a minute to unveil the horror of month old cotton buds amidst a cloud of loose powder residue, old make up sponges,make-up brushes with a long term make-up residue that are desperate for a good wash, maybe dry mascara and the list can go on.
While hording beloved beauty products past the recommended usage date may not be life threatening, we should still be aware of how old a product is,especially when it comes to water-based products like foundations, creams, mascara and even cream blushers.

At La Peau we are constantly committed to share with you everything that can help you to feel good and look good. The compiled list is to help you spring clean your makeup bag, drawing the line between how long is too long.

While lipsticks are not water based it is the lip brush you use that can hold all of the threatening germs, try to ensure you wash your brush once a month. Lip products should be treated the same as a mascara – a no sharing zone.

Lifespan after opening : 2 years

In this cosmetic area it is especially vital to stay on top of how long you are using your products for, and in what circumstance. Mascaras should not be kept for longer than two months due to the bacteria breeding ground that is in the wand.

In terms of eye liner, I recommend switching to gel based eyeliner such as the new jane iredale’s Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliner. They come in 4 different colors. Please contactus if you would like to now more about this new liners. A gel eyeliner will avoid eye bacteria spreading throughout an eye pencil and making consistent contact with your eyes.
Lifespan for Mascara after opening : 3 months

Eye pencil after opening: 2 years
Eye shadow after opening: 2 years

Take the time to inspect your favorite foundations and skin products on a regular basis. Any smell of separation means it is time to re-stock. Also consider if you use your hands to apply, as dirty hands will result in dirty product. I recommend investing in a foundation brush in order to keep your products hygienic. Use spatulas for your facial and body creams.
Lifespan after opening : 12 months