Why Cool Lipo is the best method for stubborn fat loss!


Imagine a way to lose stubborn fat without going under a painful procedure involving a knife and loads of recovery time, what a dream.

Quick fat loss inventions have been around for decades, they started with the weight loss fat belts in the late 1800s which attempted to jiggle the fat away, then there were sauna pants and then ab toning belts which all unfortunately left the people disheartened and uncomfortable.

Well, your fat loss prayers have been answered with our cryolipolysis procedure!
Finally, this new innovative procedure is proven to show actual results! If you are looking to strip away a bit of excess fat in time for summer, cryolipolysis works by freezing fat cells in targeted areas using −7C cooling plates that lower the temperature of fat cells gradually to a freezing temperature.
Your body then does the work by itself! The frozen fat cells are gradually broken down and removed from the body through the liver.

This procedure is painless to most people, apart from a slight tugging sensation while the fat is being frozen… and ta da! Results! All within one hour out of your day.
The body fat targeted by the procedure is proven to reduce as much as 25 percent and can last longer than six months after the treatment, your body will start showing the full results of fat loss within three months as they are metabolised by the body fairly slowly.
Since this procedure does not involve any invasive processes such as cutting or stitching, the skin barrier is not broken therefore are no risks of scarring, so most people do not need any recovery time and you can return to your daily activities straight away!
Cryolipolysis is a revolutionary procedure that helps you achieve nip and tuck results to help shape, tone and reduce fatty pockets around the body.
The best areas to remove fat deposits include:

  • Abdomen sides
  • Thighs
  • Under the chin or upper neck
  • Stomach
  • Under the armpit
  • Back
  • Buttocks and upper thighs

And the results speak for themselves! Cellulite can be reduced because the fat cells are destroyed, there is less risk of regaining weight and the results are long lasting and the effects look natural and flattering on the body.

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