Why is winter is the ideal time of year to get a cosmetic tattoo?

Getting cosmetic tattooing done at any time of the year is hugely beneficial in saving time, effort and money. However, it is particularly beneficial to go for your cosmetic tattoo treatment during winter as the aftercare process is way easier!

Cosmetic tattooing is a procedure that has several important aftercare considerations, and these can be easier to adhere to during winter due to fact that there is less exposure to the sun’s UV rays, heat, sweat, water and heavy makeup. Here is a more detailed explanation…


Part of the aftercare process is also to avoid water. This is very important in the overall healing process so it’s a must that you should take this seriously. Water is not only swimming, but this also includes sweat as well. Obviously, we don’t sweat as much during winter, so this is another plus side to getting your cosmetic tattoo treatment now. If you are planning on swimming, you’ll need to wait at least 10 days after treatment.

Makeup & skincare

As the treatment area is healing, you’ll need to avoid all makeup and skincare. It’s less critical to wear SPF during winter, which is another reason why skipping a couple of days without SPF during winter will be okay while your brows are healing. Another benefit of getting your treatment done at this time of year is your social calendar is typically quieter, making it easier to get your brows, lips, liner etc done with fewer events, parties and outdoor gatherings to disrupt the healing process.

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