Facials are significantly much more than an hour of indulgent pampering. They have enormous benefits to your health & wellness of your skin, both short and long term.


Consistent facial care by an aesthetician can help prevent future skin care concerns that may appear – from monthly breakouts, to seasonal sensitivities, and even the first stages of aging.




Benefits of GERnetic Facials:


GERnetic Signature Facial: It’s ideal for all skins. This facial enhances the overall health and vitality of the skin. Essential nutrients found in the GERnetic range of products work on a cellular level to immediately nourish, restore health and balance of your skin.


Hydrating Facial: During this treatment a hydrating mask  is incorporated to help enhances cell function and delivers hydration to the deeper layers, which plumps surface layers that eliminates fine lines and diminishes signs of premature ageing.

Anti-Stress Oxygenating Facial:  A pressure point massage is performed during this facial treatment. Such technique  can reduce both stress and relieve psychological distress – it energises, hydrates, oxygenates and nourishes the skin. Ideal for a pick-me-up!


Calming Facial:  Technique and products used in this GERnetic Calming Facial, will help to deliver essential nutrition to the dermal layer, targeting specific skin cells that enhances skin’s immunity while strengthening its defence barrier to achieve a calm and balanced complexion.


Deluxe Anti-Ageing Facial: Recommended for anyone over 40! This GERnetic Anti Ageing Facial treatment can help slow down the aging process & prevent the appearance of wrinkles. An anti-aging facial will immediately increase blood circulation and oxygen flow that directly increases collagen production and enhances the elasticity of your skin.


Purifying Facial:  The ideal facial for anyone that would love to experience a clear, healthy complexion. The GERnetic products used during this treatment incorporate a  blend of plant extracts and amino acids that’s absorbed into the skin to eliminate impurities and refine pores. The skin is then feeling refreshed, purified and calmed.



How to Prepare for a Facial?

  1. Skip any strong at-home treatments a week before your appointment. It’s recommended to avoid a gentle exfoliation a few days before too.
  2. Try not to tan or burn anywhere on your body, especially your face before your appointment.
  3. Make sure that the aesthetician has a knowledge of your medications or any conditions that you might have.
  4. Don’t wax your skin for 24-48 hours before your spa facial.



How do I get started?

Finding your individual skin type is the key to develop an effective skin care program.


Facials are an integral part for skin management & needs to be maintained in order to enhance the quality of your skin for a beautiful and radiant face.


La Peau offers a variety of different facials that aims to improve the complexion of your skin. Come in now for a consultation and our staff will personally recommend a facial that specifically targets your skin needs for healthier looking skin!


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