Autumn is here people, and that means one thing! It’s time to revamp your skincare regime to combat the dry skin this season brings. The great news is that Autumn is the perfect transition time. Switching up your skincare routine can assist in repairing any damage that occurred during the Summer season & can also help prepare your skin for the Winter months!

In the cooler Autumn period, the temperate drops & the air gets dryer, stealing your glow and leaving you with a lacklustre complexion. Don’t panic, these simple steps can slide easily into your skincare routine and can assist in maintaining that precious moisture your skin needs & craves!

It’s never too late to exfoliate

The single most important part of your skincare routine is exfoliating! It’s essential to shed away that tired, dehydrated skin Summer left behind! Of course, using a DIY exfoliating treatment at home is great but your skin deserves the best! At La Peau Skin Rejuvenation our Microdermabrasion treatment is quick, painless & more importantly the perfect treatment to buff away those impurities for a clearer, brighter complexion.

Cleanse, cleanse & cleanse

Try choosing a cleanser that can fight back against bacteria that’s not too harsh and won’t strip your skin of essential beneficial oils! We would recommend using Medik8 Gentle Cleanse to remove the build-up of impurities. This refreshing daily cleanser is infused with hydrating natural glycerin and rosemary oil to moisturise and protect your skin.

Toner shouldn’t be skipped

Some people say that a toner is like a palette cleanser for your face, & we couldn’t agree more! A facial toner thoroughly cleanses the skin and helps remove built up surface dead skin cells. We would recommend using Medik 8 Daily Refresh Balancing Toner. A pH balancing, alcohol-free toner that soothes and comforts skin while removing excess oil and impurities.

Reenergise & Moisturise

You must use the right kind of moisturiser to help maintain your skins balance. When you have dry skin or too oily, blemishes and flakiness can appear! You need to look for a cream to add to your skincare routine that can reduce these impurities! Here at La Peau Skin Rejuvenation our experienced therapists can tailor the right facial treatment & aftercare products for you!

If you’re in need of some guidance & expert advice on the best skincare routine to suit your needs, then contact us today on (07) 3207 4100 & get your skin back on track!


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