Beautify Your Skin with a Rejuvenating Fractional Laser Treatment

What is a Fractional Laser Treatment?

Do you struggle with hyperpigmentation? Fine lines? Dullness of the skin? Sun spots? Acne scarring? Fractional Laser treatment will counter all these concerns and leave your skin looking smooth, fresh, and rejuvenated. Using a non-invasive laser beam, fraxel laser treatments target microscopic fractions of the skin to prompt the body’s natural healing and restoring processes. This innovative treatment works at both the dermal and epidermal layers of the skin, engaging the body’s collagen production and restoring old, hyperpigmented cells. This reveals a new radiant and youthful layer of skin. Fractional laser treatments can be performed on all skin types and patients although techniques may vary depending on age, skin type, and the targeted location. You will begin to see results immediately however we recommend 3-5 sessions for optimal results.

Preparing for the Treatment

Fractional laser treatments are quick and easy. Prior to your treatment, an expert laser therapist will perform a comprehensive skin analysis to assess your concerns and requirements. Following this, you will undergo a patch test that will allow your therapist to provide you with a well-informed recommendation for a course of treatments. The next step in your treatment consists of cleansing and numbing the treatment area. This will decrease any discomfort that could be experienced throughout the procedure. Most fraxel treatments last less than an hour however this will vary depending on each individual’s needs.

How Does it Work?

During the treatment process, fraxel laser penetrates the skin with multiple beams of light energy, emulating a micro-wound that stimulates the bodies’ healing and rejuvenation processes. This allows your skin to shed its damaged skin cells and stimulates collagen production to repair the targeted skin. Immediately following the treatment, you may experience a mild sunburn-like sensation and minor swelling. This can be soothed with a gentle moisturiser such as GERnétic’s Cytobi Regenerating Soothing Cream which is designed for sensitive and inflamed skin. Shop here:

Hello Rejuvenated Skin!

Within the next 24 hours, your body will begin producing a new layer of healthy, glowing epidermal skin. Your skin may begin to itch and peel in the next couple of days – don’t be alarmed, this means that the treatment is working! As tempting as it may be, don’t scratch your skin or attempt to speed up the peeling process by exfoliating. Let your body work its magic. During this healing period it is vital that you protect your new vulnerable skin with sunscreen. We recommend Medik8’s Physical Sunscreen which protects against UVA and UVB rays. Don’t miss out on this step or the pigment you just removed may come right back. Shop here

After one week of patience your skin will be left looking healthy, rejuvenated, and better than ever. Although the fractional laser treatment takes time to yield results, it is more effective than any topical treatment on the market. The fraxel laser provides a penetrative treatment that combines ablative and non-ablative techniques to revitalise your skin. If you want to decrease the appearance of fine lines, scarring, or pigmentation, then fraxel laser may be the treatment for you. If this seems like something you’re interested in feel free to give us a call and we can discuss further to see if this treatment is right for you!

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