Spring Clean your body…….

Detox your body… detox your diet! A great place to start a spring clean is with your liver, your body’s very own cleansing and recycling station. Like most of your body, your liver’s function is enhanced or hampered by what foods you choose to include in your diet. Put simply, what you eat has a strong effect on the detox-ability of the liver. Eating foods that support the detoxification process can strongly reduce a build-up of harmful substances and have a positive impact on your wellbeing. Essential fatty acids like Omega 3, as found in fish-oil, krill-oil, extra virgin oliive … Continue reading

Chilled Avocado Soup with Coconut water…

Spring is a time to welcome fresh, light foods back into your kitchen. Try this beautiful, cleansing recipe to kick start your body into the warmer season. Ingredients: 2 large ripe avocados 1 cup coconut water juice of 1 lime 1/2 cup coriander leaves 1/4 cup chives 1 shallot – minced pinch of cayenne pepper Method: Cut open and scoop out the flesh of the avocados. Blend all ingredients in a food processor until smooth. If the soup is too thick, add more coconut water until the desired consistency is reached. Chill in the fridge for at least one hour. … Continue reading

Time to freshen up for Spring

Traditionally, SPRING is a time of renewal, so why not adopt the same approach to your skin? La Peau is ready to offer you an invigorating makeover as you prepare for the warm weather and the spring season ahead. To revitalize all over, try a body polish and an Algae Body wrap, Cap them off with a microdermabrassion facial treatment to banish the last of the winter blues. Warmer spring weather also means we can say goodbye to jumpers and jackets, revealing a little more skin, so book yourself in for a waxing or IPL session for anywhere you have … Continue reading

It’s time to make some changes

In winter, do you find yourself… 1. Tempted to forgo exercise for that extra hour in bed? 2. Hiding behind winter clothes as your skin dries out and your weight increases? 3. Reaching for an extra cup of coffee, a chocolate bar or an energy drink every time you need an energy boost? By making the following changes to your lifestyle now, you can ensure you emerge into spring like a butterfly – not a caterpillar! Plan to eat protein and fiber-rich foods to help you to keep your cardio-vascular, muscular and digestive systems in good health. Maintain a steady … Continue reading

Water…the ultimate beauty tool

Is your skin suffering from epidermal dehydration – a condition directly affected by the lack of fluid intake. Dehydration is where water evaporates from the skin and leads to dryness and wrinkles. The winter environment such as humidity, chilly winds, change of temperatures, heating systems and air conditioning can be the cause of dehydration . Water is nature’s ultimate health and beauty tool. Water is essential in keeping the body functioning for good skin hydration, cellular regeneration and elimination of toxins. Make it a habit to remember to keep up your water intake. If you are passionate about your skin, … Continue reading

Experience the benefits of Light Therapy

A wide range of skin conditions can be effectively treated with LED Light Therapy. The results? Smoother, firmer, plumper, younger looking skin. Light emitting diode (LED) light therapy is a safe,non-invasive cosmetic procedure, which is used to treat various skin conditions by gently activating skin cells. The technology was originally developed by NASA to improve wound healing in space and has been in aesthetic use for over 30 years. The LED process uses wavelengths in the visible light spectrum to send light into the layers of the skin. There are many colours in the spectrum and they all have their … Continue reading

How much do you know about the products you are putting on your face?

Everyone knows that a good diet, plenty of rest, regular exercise, plenty of water, not smoking, moderate alcohol and good skin protection all are key to having great-looking skin, BUT what about the products you are putting on your face? Are they undoing all that good work? One glance at the ingredient listing on your average skincare product will often reveal what is causing a skin allergy or an adverse effect on the skin. Harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients can not only leave your skin dry and tight but have also been aknowledged to cause a manifestation of skin problems. … Continue reading

Eat winter ingredients for glowing skin

Using the right skin care and treatments is one way of ensuring vibrant ,hydrated skin during winter but the story doesn’t end there. A well stocked pantry can have as powerful effect on the appearance of your skin as a well stocked beauty cabinet. Skin is a reflection of your inner health. What we eat shows on our skin! For your skin to stay supple,radiant and protected it needs to receive certain nutrients from the food you eat. Here is a short list of ingredients that will prolong the beauty of your skin – from within. Fruit: Blueberries – powerful … Continue reading

The foundation for beautiful skin…

Are you suffering from sun damage and age spots? Looking for a make- up that gives you full coverage,easy to apply, fast and effective? A make-up that allows you to feel natural and look flawless at the same time? Glow Time mineral BB Cream by jane iredale is a multi-tasking dynamo that combines foundation, concealer, sunscreen and moisturizer in a versatile one-step product. Glow Time mineral BB Cream is the make- up to wear for full coverage as it smooths, brightens and helps to disguise wrinkles while protecting the skin with SPF 25. It is water resistant up to 40 … Continue reading

Which Vitamins …

Many vitamins benefit the skin, but some are more important than others. Vitamin A ( found in eggs, dairy, carrots and spinach ) to avoid dry, rough and scaly skin Vitamin C ( found in citrus and other bright coloured fruit and vegies ) helps to keep the skin supple and to heal wounds. Vitamin E ( found in oil-rich foods ) helps to prevent ageing skin by neutrilising free radicals and re-hydrating Beta-carotene ( found in highly coloured vegies and fruits ) helps protect against the ravages of sunshine and may slow down early signs of ageing. Vitamin F … Continue reading