The Rise of Clean Beauty

Shopping for beauty products is no longer about choosing the products with the prettiest packaging and fanciest brand name. Today, many shoppers are more interested in purchasing products that are ‘clean’. In 2022, clean beauty has emerged as a revolutionary movement that stretches across the beauty industry. The movement highlights the importance of using safe and clean beauty products that are free of harmful chemicals linked to skin irritation, hormone disruption, and cancer. On top of that, the clean beauty movement values the environment by prioritising ethically sourced, cruelty-free products that use sustainable packaging. By engaging with the clean beauty movement, you never have to compromise your health or the environment to achieve luxurious, high-performance beauty results.

Here’s Where to Start…
By definition, clean beauty refers to the use of cosmetic products that are free from synthetic chemicals and ingredients. For those who are new to the idea of clean beauty, it can be extremely overwhelming trying to look for genuine clean products. Here are a few tips to get you on the right track:

1. Always Check Ingredients

When shopping for clean beauty products, it is essential to pay close attention to the ingredients. Sulphates, talc, parabens, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances are the most common harmful ingredients used in beauty products. If any of these are listed on a product, avoid it! Good alternative ingredients to look out for are essential oils that are used to replace synthetic fragrances, as well as vegetable acids such as glycerin, benzyl alcohol, and salicylic acid.

2. Research Before You Buy

When in doubt, the internet has all the answers. Make sure that you read articles from trusted media outlets, watch reviews, or consult a trusted source before purchasing beauty products. Once you learn what to look for, it will become easier to identify clean beauty products. You can also check product labels for things like “cruelty-free” or “paraben-free” – these are helpful indicators as to whether a product is clean.

3. Replace Your Essentials

If you can’t afford to replace your entire makeup collection but want to transition into clean beauty, we recommend starting out with the essentials. The products you use every day will have the biggest impact on your skin and overall health. Cleansers, moisturisers, and sunscreens often include sulphates, synthetic emulsifiers, and preservatives. Since you use these products all over your body, it should be a priority to switch to their clean alternatives. Base makeup products such as foundation, concealer, and powder should also be considered first when making the transition toward clean beauty.

Our Clean Recommendations…
Joining the clean beauty movement isn’t about throwing away everything in your beauty collection and starting fresh – you don’t need to use clean products exclusively to make a difference. The most important thing is being conscious and staying mindful of what products you might purchase in the future.

Jane Iredale is a clean beauty brand that emphasises the importance of sustainable packaging with its refillable products. The Jane Iredale Beyond Matte Liquid Foundation is free from parabens, phthalates, talc, and synthetic preservatives and fragrances. The product is described as a three-in-one – acting simultaneously as a primer, concealer, and foundation. If you are interested in switching to clean beauty, we highly recommend starting out with this product as is suitable for all skin types, has buildable coverage, and provides a flawless, long-lasting finish.
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If you’re after some much-needed colour to brighten up your day, consider adding Jane Iredale’s Pure Pressed Eye Shadow Duo to your makeup regime. This mineral-based pressed eye shadow is designed to enhance the colour and shape of the eye.

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These are just a few of the amazing clean beauty products that are available on our website now. Don’t wait any longer and get involved with the clean beauty movement today.

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