How To Build A Skincare Routine


We all know how fantastic our monthly facial makes our skin feel but maintaining that feeling can be hard at times. The key to healthy skin all year round is a consistent and strong skincare routine, that is tailored specifically to YOU.


Crafting the perfect skincare routine begins with knowing your skin type, your skin isn’t the same as everyone else’s, so neither should your routine. Knowing whether you have dry, combination, oily or sensitive skin is the perfect place to begin your new regimen, and if you are unsure of your skin type, we will happily help you identify it when you are in our clinic.


After you’re familiar with your skin type, you can follow a basic program using products tailored to you and your specific skin needs.


  1. Cleanse – You don’t build a house on an unstable foundation and you never apply skincare products without cleansing your skin first! Cleansing allows you to remove any impurities or dead skin that have left your pores and assist your skin in absorbing the products following the cleanse.
  2. Toner – Toners are known for being effective in exfoliating dead skin cells and tightening pores. Your toner essentially adds to the sturdy foundation you’ve built with your cleanse.
  3. Serum – One of the most important steps in your routine! No matter your skin concern there’s a serum to assist you with it. Serums tend to have a higher amount of active ingredients than any other product in your routine, making them a key component in achieving your skin goals.
  4. Eye cream – The skin around your eye is incredibly delicate and is often one of the first places you will start to notice fine lines. Using an eye cream will help your skin around the eye maintain elasticity and firmness, some eye creams also help sooth tired eyes as well!
  5. Moisturiser and SPF – The final step in your routine, think of your moisturiser and SPF as the seal on all the products you’ve just applied. Some choose to use a 2-in-1 product, however there is nothing wrong with using the products individually, just make sure you apply your moisturiser first, then your SPF.


From here you can tweak it to suit your daily routine, be conscious of when the products are designed to be used, i.e. night serums or creams shouldn’t be used in the morning and you won’t need SPF before you go to bed. You may want to consider adding steps such as exfoliation (1-2 times a week) and masks (1-3 times a week depending on the mask).


We’re here to help! Don’t hesitate to book a skin consultation today, where we will provide you with all the steps you need in maintaining the perfect skincare routine! Call us on (07) 3207 4100.



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