Why Choose the Hydrating Facial?


With the harsh impacts of the environment, it is safe to say that our skin is objected to a lot of damage. With a multitude of options in different skincare routines and facials – how do you know which one is right for you? We offer a large range of facials in order to cater for the different skin types and help you achieve that beautiful, flawless skin. So, why might the Hydrating Facial be the right choice for you?


Like the name states, this Facial is perfect for those who suffer from dry skin. This moisturizing and vitamin-rich facial will boost cell proficiency and help replenish the skin with essential moisture. This is achieved by applying our cellular nourishing cream, which instantly administers hydration to the deep layers of the skin. This creates an instantaneous plumping effect and eliminates fine lines, creating a picture-perfect finish. By directly targeting cell functions, we can help you battle harsh weather conditions and activate a youthful complexion.


What else can this do for your skin?


  • Eradicate dry skin and itchiness
  • Nurture smooth and soft skin
  • Prepare better delivery of skincare products
  • Stimulate brighter skin


Hydrating Facials does not stop at the appearance of your skin!

This multifaceted treatment not only improves the look of your complexion but also helps you achieve healthy skin! Our treatment also cleanses your skin from impurities and toxic environmental pollutants that promote premature aging. We can also help you regulate natural oil production, which then greatly reduce acne breakouts. Thus, this treatment can help your skin recover from the stresses of your daily life as well as providing protection to the environmental changes around us.


We recommend a steady series of our Hydrating Facial Treatments in order to maximize the effects. With the erratic and damaging impacts of the Australian weather, come experience our advanced Facials to achieve that immaculate skin today!


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